Oct 12

Candy Corn Cupcakes


What you need: Chocolate Cupcakes (the darker the better) White frosting Food color/gel (yellow and orange) Thin long knife Directions: 1.  Insert your knife into the top of your cupcake at an angle about 1/4" away from the edge of the cupcake.  You want the point of your knife centered near the bottom of the cupcake (not quite all the way down though). 2.  Cut a circle in the top while keeping the point of your knife centered and near the bottom.  Once you complete the circle, a little cone shape of cake should pop out and your cupcake should be hallowed out. 3.  After mixing frosting with the food coloring to get your orange and yellow, fill plastic bags with the 3 different colors.  Begin piping a layer of white in the bottom of the cupcake.  Make the next layer orange, and the last layer yellow. 4.  Take the cut out cone and slice the top of the cone off. 5.  Place the top slice on top of the frosting to seal the cupcake back up.  Apply a little bit of pressure to meld it all together. 6.  Chill the cupcakes so the colors stay in their layers better when eaten or cut. Source: http://sugarturntable.com/

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