Category 'Brownies'

Oct 3

Knock-Off Applebees Blondie Brownies

Possibly the best blondies of all time. You should make these when you are feeling particularly indulgent.....  

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Oct 1

White Chocolate Brownies

  Quite tasty and easy to make these brownies will make your day more beautiful....  

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Sep 29

Oreo Brownies

This is a brownie transformed. This is a cookies & cream fudge brownie mutant monster, full of chocolate fudgy notes, a hint of unexpected savo...

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Sep 28

Oreo Cream Brownies

A great idea for a special and beautiful dessert.....  

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Sep 26

Super Fudge Brownies!

You know a brownie recipe is fudgey when it looks like fudge- the candy. They are dense, rich, and almost melt in your mouth.  

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Sep 25

Triple Chocolate Brownies!

This really is a very, very, VERY easy recipe for brownies. And as you can see, they are pretty darn squidgy and ‘mooshie’  

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Sep 24

Chocolate Orbit Cake with Blackberry-Cassis Sauce

This cake is amazing, it has no flour, is denser than brownies and looks amazing! Especially with that sauce!  

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