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Aug 22

How To Handle Kids Who Won’t Do Their Homework or Chores

Empathizing versus lecturing can go a long way in diffusing power struggles and it reinforces that you’re on the same team. This week, if your...

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Aug 21

Over 30 Back To School Printables

Whether your child is just starting the school year, has been back in school for a while already, or falls somewhere in between...

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Aug 21

6 Simple Ways to Make the First Day of School Special

Here are some ideas for SIMPLE things that you can do to make your child's first day extra special without causing any gray hairs.

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Aug 21

5 Things To Do Before Your Kids Head Back To School

1.Make playdates.2.Catch up on the summer reading list.3.Check out the new classroom or new school.4.Create a homework nook.5.Have one last hurrah.

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Aug 10

Keepsake Boxes

When you have kids, you accumulate a gazillion papers, artwork, pictures, etc. It can be hard to keep them all organized. It’s essential to get a s...

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Aug 4

Notebook Labels

For kids, getting new school things is an exciting annual ritual. They can make it even more fun with these stickers, which can be used to trim not...

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Jul 26

Toy Organizer

To create attractive bins for toys in the common area, paint wooden crates in several shades of blue and label them. Arrange them on an open shelvi...

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Jul 12

I Spy Neighborhood Walk

The neighborhood walk was a huge hit! The kids keep asking when we can do it again. I would have never thought that something as simple as taking a...

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Jul 12

Post It Math Games

These math games are very simple to set up. You just need some post-its in different colors. I had four different colors I used which gave us a lot...

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Jul 9

5 Ways to Trick Your Kids Into Eating Vegetables

You’re kids don’t like vegetables?Really? Cuz mine are constantly begging for them.“Mommy, PLEASE can we have more of your kale and beet salad...

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May 18

How to Handle Changes in Your Child’s Behavior

Has your child gone off the rails? Experts explain how to get him back on track. Do any of thses sound familiar? 1.Throwing Tantrums to G...

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May 11

15 Mother's Day Gifts From Kids

What's a better gift for a mom than a handmade craft from her kid? Find the ideas

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May 11

DIY Toddler Art Dishware

Need a unique gift?  Have a few dollars, a few minutes, and a tiny artist in residence?  How about creating a useful, lasting piece of art? ...

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May 11

Kids Play Suitcase

  Make your little man this awesome suitcase. There are FOUR different scenes for him to play with! And it all fits in the one case! Crea...

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Apr 22

Dragonfly Garden Art

If you love making crafts with your kids then you'll love these dragonflies which capture the delicacy and color of real dragonflies in a simpl...

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Apr 18

How To Clean Baby & Kids Toys

Great question. The toys have been divided  into 5 major categories.. 1.How to Clean Plush Toys 2.How to Clean Plastic, Rubber or Sili...

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Apr 18

27 Encouraging Phrases To Motivate Your Kids

Do you ever feel like the only words that come out of your mouth are direct orders? “Empty the trash, be nice to your sister, quit jumping on t...

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Feb 27

Washi Tape Car Track

All you need is washi tape in different colors and a little imagination to make a car track for your little one.An effortless and cheap way to ...

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Feb 5

Playroom Organization

The room where our kids play with their toys can become a war zone if we dont get control of the clutter.  Find a system that works and utilize...

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Feb 2

Super Bowl Bingo & Other Printables

      Who’s hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend!? You’ve got the chips, the dip, the beer… but what about a little somet...

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