Category 'Tarts'

Jul 8

Zucchini Tart with Lemon Thyme & Goat Cheese

When preparing the dough for this gorgeous tart, don’t omit the white vinegar: It makes the crust flaky and tender.

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Jul 1

Tomato, Feta & Greek Yogurt Phyllo Tart

When you taste this it’s like eating a nice cheese pie (tiropita) but without all that phyllo. Make sure you get good feta and not the yucky, chalk...

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Jun 29

Black & White Ice Cream Tart

This frosty dessert is infinitely adaptable: Trade the vanilla ice cream for chocolate, mint chip, or your favorite flavor.

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Jun 28

Almond Coconut Tart

Impress your guests with this light and fruity 4th of July tart. 

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Apr 18

Strawberry Pistachio Tart

A border of rich, toasty pistachios rings a puff pastry crust supporting a bright display of fresh strawberries in this surprisingly easy sprin...

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Jan 21

Mushroom , Spinach and Scallion Tart

  Vibrant spinach leaves intermingle with roasted mushrooms in a light-as-air (and easy-to-assemble) phyllo shell. The custardlike filling c...

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Nov 15

Herbed Ricotta Tart

A great way to spend your afternoon...with a great recipe Find out .

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Nov 15

Asparagus tart with ricotta

Gotta love a good tart! Find the recipe .

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Nov 9

Hugo and Victor's Victor Fraise Tart

        Fresh strawberries; Pureed strawberries; Strawberry tart shells; Filling the tart shells       ...

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Nov 9

Vanilla Berry Cheesecake Tart

It has the cheesecake filling  made of cottage cheese and sour cream instead of cream cheese, and a tart-like pastry shell, and is topped with ...

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Nov 6

Maple-Pumpkin Tart

Instead of sugar, maple syrup is the sweetener of choice in this holiday pumpkin tart. It adds deep flavor to the custardlike filling.

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Nov 2

Fruit Tarts

The mess in your kitchen after you make these tarts is worth it.....  

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Nov 2

French Apple Tart & Cinnamon Snails

Simply wonderful that is culinary sleight of hand leaves everyone breathless.  

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Nov 1

Fresh Orange and Yogurt Tart

If you'd like, save the orange peels to make Candied Citrus Peel. Cut off the outermost peel of the fruit and reserve, then cut off remaining p...

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Oct 25

Pumpkin & Feta Tart

1 1/4 cup (150 g) whole wheat flour 1/3 cup (80 g) soft butter pinch of salt 1/4 cup (50 ml) milk 1,8 lb (800 g) pumpkin (or squash), cut i...

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Oct 25

Pumpkin Poptarts

Get the flavors of homemade pumpkin pie without all the extra work. Your kids can carve whatever they want onto these speedy, no-fuss tarts! ...

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Oct 19

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts with Maple Glaze

The pastry crust is basically like a pie crust - buttery and flaky, just the right amount of sweetness.  And the filling really does taste like...

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Oct 18

Spider Web Cheesecake Tart

Halloween is two weeks away! What are you going to wear?  Which party should you attend?  What candies are popular with the trick-or-treaters? ...

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Oct 9

Mushroom Ricotta Tart

How about you get your chanterelles from the market, some fresh ricotta, a twig or two of thyme and you will be ready to go with this wonderful...

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Oct 5

Mixed Berry Tart with White Chocolate Ganche Cream

An excellent will love this tart!!!  

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