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Dec 16

DIY Floral Bedside Table

Give an old piece of furniture a beautiful new look with vintage decor paint.

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Dec 11

How to Keep Kids Safe During a Holiday Craft Party

There is no better time for DIY crafts than during the holiday season where homemade gifts are the special touch a gift needs. But, if you have lit...

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Dec 5

Little Yarn Hats

Wind yarn onto strips of toilet paper rolls to make these cute tiny hats!

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Nov 19

Kids Art Gifts

With a few craft supplies, you can turn kids' art into gifts. Commission a drawing from your little artist, or use one you've saved.

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Nov 19

Matchbox Gifts

Kids can give them to friends and classmates, adding a small treat, such as a holiday note, candy, or trinket.

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Nov 19
Nov 18

Paper Pom-Pom Turkeys

Create a whole rafter of paper turkeys this Thanksgiving for an adorable (and easy!) centerpiece for your feast.

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Oct 20

Kids' Fall Crafts

This autumn, inspire children to incorporate seasonal symbols such as leaves, apples, pumpkins, and ghosts into their craft projects.

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Oct 20

6 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

These festive crafts will keep little hands busy -- and make family time fun and productive.

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Oct 20

Felt Penguin Ornaments

These winter birds are soft, snuggly, and easily customizable in scarves, earmuffs, and other accessories. And if they fall from the boughs of...

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Oct 11

Autumn Crafts That You Will Fall For

Here are some great autumn craft ideas!You'll love them!

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Oct 4

12 Genius Ways to Organize Your Craft Supplies

Here's how to wrangle, untangle, and neatly store all of your leftover materials, and be left feeling inspired to tackle your next project.

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Sep 29

Pumpkin Noisemakers

What would a celebration be without the merry clatter of noisemakers? For a great party favor, kids can easily create these personalized pumpkin-fa...

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Sep 29

Fall Crafts with Leaves

Bring the beauty of colorful fall foliage indoors with these simple crafts that use leaves to create seasonal home accents. Best of all, you can us...

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Sep 27

17 Cute Bottle Cap Crafts

Use your discarded soda or beer bottle caps to create these adorable and useful crafts.

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Sep 27

12 Creative Ways to Craft With Burlap This Fall

Prepare to be obsessed with these rustically beautiful ideas.

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Jun 24

12 Summer Sand Art DIYs

Most of sand art associations are beach town souvenir shop-related—the kind of thing that looks cute when you're on a vacation high but then seems ...

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Mar 20

Spring Chick, Lamb & Bunny Decorations

Happy Spring!  Today is the first day of Spring and I had the urge to be crafty today…so I made some Spring 2×4 decorations to liven things up...

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Dec 23

Dried Citrus Wreath

A beautiful wreath welcomes them with style, suggesting a home filled with the same warmth waiting inside.

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Dec 22

Using Poinsettias as Cut Flowers

Our favorite holiday potted plant becomes much more versatile when we start thinking outside the foil-wrapped bucket.

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