Oct 13

Devilish Devil's Food Cupcakes


 I knew I wanted to tint the frosting red, I went ahead and made a batch of regular vanilla frosting.  A word of caution here though; achieving a true and intense red color can be difficult, as the frosting may just end up looking bright pink, or end up having a very bitter taste.  If I'm using large quantities of red frosting, I like to use Wilton's "No-Taste Red," as this helps ensure that the food coloring doesn't alter the taste of the frosting too much.  Another trick is to make the frosting one or two days before you are going to use it, and store it in the fridge in the meantime.  The frosting will turn a deeper shade of red as time passes, and when you're ready to use the frosting, simply stir it really well in order to get it back to a creamy consistency.  The vanilla frosting is nice and sweet, and pairs perfectly with the Devil's food cupcakes, which aren't too sweet on their own.  These devilish cupcakes are a perfect way to indulge this upcoming Halloween, enjoy!

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