Dec 7

Dr.Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy


Dr Oz spoke about what causes Teeth Yellowing and he gave a simple Teeth Whitening Remedy to whiten your teeth with all natural ingredients.

Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy Ingredients:
Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy Directions:

– Baking Soda (around 1/4 cup of baking soda)

– Lemon Juice (from half of a lemon)

1.  Squeeze the fresh lemon juice into the baking soda.  Dr Oz did not mention if you could substitute the pre-bottled lemon juice for a fresh lemon, but if someone experiments with this, please share with everyone how it works!

2.  The lemon juice and baking soda solution will bubble.

3.  Dip a cotton ball into the lemon juice and baking soda solution and apply it to your teeth.  I might even try a qtip to get into some of the nooks and crannies at the top of your teeth.

4.  Let the lemon and baking soda solution sit on your teeth for around a minute.

5.  Brush your teeth to remove the acid, because you do not want to leave the lemon juice and baking soda solution on for too long or it will erode your teeth.

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  1. Savannah says:

    How do they stay so white

  2. necole zahradnik says:


  3. nora besa says:

    Excited to know HOW can I get my teeth white?

  4. PinLaVie says:

    Click on the Dr.Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy link and it will take you to the source.

  5. Shannon says:

    Wouldn't this be horrible for tooth enamel? Fruits that are acidic break down enamel already, and then brushing right after ruins it even faster. AND you are adding baking soda which is highly abrasive!?! I WILL NOT BE TRYING THIS - MY DENTIST DOES NOT APPROVE!

  6. Olivia says:

    That's exactly what I thought when I read this! I won't be trying this either.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I agree way too much acid that will not be good for the enamel of the teeth!! And baking soda is way too abrasive!! Cant believe Dr. Oz suggested this??

  8. Tonya says:

    Not True.. Dentists don't have a problem with the baking soda at all... Ive asked mine, and he said it was perfectly fine.. and my Mom asked my nieces dentist, and he was fine with it also :)

  9. Cam says:

    It can't be that bad. Some companies actually put baking soda in their toothpaste.

  10. Linda says:

    It's not the baking soda. It's the lemon that is too acidic. Especially, for people who already have sensitive teeth due to prior loss of enamel.

  11. Beth says:

    I am a dental hygienist and I agree .....baking soda is NOT too abrasive but the acid in the lemon juice will cause enamel erosion.

  12. Vloggy says:

    Cam, It is NOT the baking soda that is the concern here... It is the ACID in the lemon. Not good for enamel.

  13. Kelsie says:

    It really doesn't matter, if you don't want to use it then don't.

  14. trisha says:

    Lemon is very acidic, but how much more harmful can this be than having a glass of water with lemon, or eating an orange? Probably shouldn't do this every day, but can't hurt to try...

  15. Shawnta says:

    I tried this and didn't see any difference but it made my teeth super sensitive, wouldn't recommend!

  16. Taryn says:

    That is why it says leave on for just a minute.... Importance in following directions.

  17. Carter says:

    "5. Brush your teeth to remove the acid, because you do not want to leave the lemon juice and baking soda solution on for too long or it will erode your teeth."

  18. Kappy says:

    I can't wait to try this yay

  19. Brea says:

    I am also a Dental Hygienist, and I can rest assure you guys that you don't even use enough lemon juice to even worry about it hurting the enamel! There are many things that we eat everyday that hurt our teeth way more!! Yes, if you sit an eat a whole lemon several times a week, then it will hurt your teeth. But he is just talking about a little bit. it's not so much to where it will hurt you, so give it a try guys! it's not going to hurt you anymore than other things we eat and drink. :) Baking soda is healthy for your teeth. If they were saying to use this everyday though (I haven't read the entire article) then I wouldn't do it. But if you use it like twice a week, in my professional opinion.. It's quite alright. :)

  20. Cherish says:

    Those teeth are so photoshopped. I'd hate to see what they'd really look like after trying this remedy...

  21. Donna says:

    Would love to hear from those who have tried this if it works or not and if there's any increased sensitivity.

  22. -alf says:

    I tried this and ,I would say it worked (not like the pics) but I don't know why they have you make that much, I really was not able to use it all and had to trow about half a way!

  23. Heather sears says:

    Can I keep the left over solution in the fridge an use it a couple of times?

  24. Shauna says:

    Was excited to try this.... just did and NO difference!! Just a waste of $ spent on the lemon!! Although my teeth are NOT sensitive from this treatment I don't think they are any whiter. Disappointed :(

  25. Maddy says:

    Pre-bottled lemon juice works! Me and my friend did it but lemon juice from a real lemon might Euell better.

  26. Maddy says:

    Sorry guys I mean *work* hahah!

  27. nicole giovanni says:

    Do not do this! This is extremely damaging to the enamel!! I can not believe Dr.Oz recommended to do this! You are absolutely right Shannon! -Nicky RDH

  28. Alejandra Jaramillo says:

    My dentists is ok with it as long as I do this only once a week and of course not for the rest of my live! So... try it! You have nothing to loose.

  29. cassandra says:

    I am seeing every one crap about the baken soda but yet way back in the day. That's what they used for there teeth they didn't have tooth past like we do now

  30. cortney says:

    Are you guys kidding me? It is not the end of the world if some people do this or not. Stop acting like your life is hanging by a thread just say whether you like it or not with! out! all! the! !!!!!!!!! Ok. Who care's I will use it if you use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or not. Gezzz

  31. Sara says:

    Baking soda neutralizes acid, so the acidity in the lemon would be harmless.

  32. monica says:

    It worked for me!!! Just tried it I use whiting strips on a regular,but they get so expensive. I haven't whitened in about four months. I didn't follow the recipe exact. I put about a table spoon baking soda and added juice as needed to make a watery paste. Brushed on with my tooth brush. Did a few dishes used the rest of the mixture and rinsed clean just like brushing teeth. Gave a few extra brushes with just water to add the polished look. Now my teeth look like they've been photo shopped!!! Love it. As far as the abrasives go dont worry they use them on us all the time at the dentist and its not like you use it everyday!!! My son just asked when did my teeth get so white.

  33. Kelly says:

    I tried this last night! It definitely brightened my teeth up a little bit. I guess it gives you a better result after doing it once a week for a month or so. But definitely had a noticeable difference after one try. And it did not make my teeth sensitive at all!

  34. Sharon says:

    I'm no dentist, but baking soda was used to clean teeth all the time back in the day. Some brands of toothpaste are mainly composed of it never mind. Also, baking soda neutralizes the lemon juice. Did everyone skip chem classs?

  35. Sasha says:

    I tried this a couple of weeks ago, i had it on my teeth for about 30 seconds and then out of no where I felt as if all of my teeth were being yanked from my mouth, it was so painful i spit it out right away and havent tried it since. i take a capful of hydrogen peroxide and swish it around my mouth for about ten minutes while I shower. works so well! white white white!

  36. Christina says:

    Good grief!!! why put out a level ten warning about this home remedy? Those who a are opposing doing this better NOT look at a lemon to squeez over their fish dinners, eat a box of lemon heads candy, or dare crave a glass of lemonade.... Cuz the damage is too life threating. Even what the dentists use to whiten your teeth makes your teeth sensitive too. I just think its so sad how people have become more afraid of the natural stuff than artificial. N heavens sake theyve been putting bsking soda in toothpaste for YEARS. Lol

  37. Alexa says:

    Would it work with braces?

  38. Panda says:

    Whitening strips also eat the enamel off your teeth. The idea is that you do this maybe once every 6 weeks at MOST. every 3-4 months is probably best. And notice that he recommends BRUSHING YOUR TEETH afterwards, because letting it sit--he actually says this in the article (if you actually read the whole thing)--is bad for your teeth because of the acidity. Yes, doing this on a daily basis will eff your teeth up, but you shouldn't be whitening your teeth on a daily basis anyway. THIS DOES THE SAME THING AS WHITENING STRIPS WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS. The flouride in your toothpaste that he says to use after should be fine to counteract the badness of the non-chemical whitening. Plus, if you eat healthy (like, a paleo diet with some good mineral supplements) your teeth heal themselves anyway. Think about it--teeth are just bones on the outside of our flesh, bones heal themselves all the time! #justsaying

  39. Molly says:

    I wouldn't do it with braces because it would whiten only the area around the brackets so when you get them off, you could have a noticeable spot on your teeth where the brackets were. I would save it for after you get them off!

  40. Ali says:

    As long as you get into the spaces between the brackets and wires, I'm sure it will work. Also be sure to brush your teeth really well after apply the solution since the lemon could get stuck in different parts in your braces and cause some trouble.

  41. Justine says:

    Do you have any recommendations for home made tooth past or whitening solutions?

  42. Anna says:

    Some of you are such idiots. Baking soda is present in Arm & Hammer toothpaste, as well as some others. People way back used to brush with nothing but baking soda. It's fine for your teeth. The lemon juice is acidic, like most other fruits, and that's why you don't leave this on longer than a minute. How many of you drink a glass of fruit juice and don't bother to brush at afterwards? You're doing more damage that way than with this. Follow the directions. If you see results, great. If not, oh well.

  43. rtw says:

    Everyone is different so obviously the results will be different. Lemon is the most versatile healing foods on this planet. Research the ingredients in any of the food items in your cupboards, those are way more harmful than lemons and baking soda. Try using a non-flouride toothpaste - Tom's of Maine is great, and plenty of research from various sources...:)

  44. Robin says:

    I'm confused on how everyone is so concerned about the acid in the lemon juice used 1-2 times for whitening, but a coke or any soda has the acid level of a car battery.....I think a little lemon juice with baking soda for whitening will be fine :-)

  45. Natalie says:

    YOU GUYS!!!! Calm down. The lemon juice would not ruin your teeth b/c half a lemon is only about 1 tbsp of juice with 1/4 cup of baking soda. I f you guys are so worried then you can also water it down a bit but otherwise this works REALLY well.

  46. Ibrahim says:

    Yup, you should dilute it more with water if you are concerned with the acidity. Also, you need to make just enough to use and not make excessive amounts as i dont think they will be as active if you store them.

  47. teeth whitening in portsmouth says:

    Yes good idea, dilute anything acidic if your concerned about your teeth, acid is a big no no when it comes to your teeth and they way they look and feel! Did you know that the worst thing for your teeth is actually crisps??

  48. betty says:

    Did you guys go to high school? Remember your Chem class? ACID + BASE ------> SALT + WATER coffee and soda are the worst for your teeth, but most people drink them anyway ....

  49. Ken says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about lemon on your teeth for ONE MINUTE? Enamel is pretty tuff people. A minute of lemon juice isn't going to do anything.

  50. femalepapi says:

    I absolutely recommend this :0

  51. Geri says:

    This method does brighten my teeth and removed coffee staining. The model in photo is wearing red lipstick which creates the illusion of whiter teeth.

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