Nov 1

25+ Fun Halloween Games For Kids


One of my favorite parts of Halloween parties when I was a kid were the games. Some were creepy, but most were just fun and everyone was a winner and got a  treat at the end! It’s a total win, a win for everyone! Here are 25+ pretty awesome DIY Halloween games you can have at your holiday party. The kids will love them! So long as you include a treat after every game.

Printable Halloween Game "Don't Eat Frank"

Diced Candy Apple Halloween Party Game

Halloween Trick or Treat Tree

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Roll a Pumpkin Game Printable

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Halloween I Spy Printable

Halloween Bingo Cards Free Printables

Mr. Bones-Magnetic Skeleton for Kids

Witch Pitch

Pumpkin Toss Game

Grab the Ghost

Pumpkin Patch Pop

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Black Cat Treasure Hunt

Spooky Paper Spider Piñata

Monster Bowling

Halloween Activities


Mix-and-match Pumpkin Patch Game

Happy Jack

Gourd Games

Pumpkin Toss Game

Poke A Pumpkin 

Roll A Pumpkin Printable

Mystery Bowls

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