Feb 4

Naomi Watt's Magic Skin Juice


So often gorgeous skin gets credited to products and facials, but you and I know that there’s another unnamed secret—a beautifying diet. Skin that gorgeous comes from the inside out! The secret? A skin-nourishing juice which contains: cucumber, lemon, ginger, celery and apple. Super-boost with avocado. Let’s break down Naomi’s beauty elixir: Cucumber is a powerful alkaline food that reduces water retention. Lemon detoxifies and supports healthy liver function. Ginger cools inflammation and redness and warms from the inside out. Celery contains silica for elastic and hydrated skin and hair. Apple detoxifies with natural pectin, while quercetin in apple skins defends against UVB damage. Avocado is full of healthy fats for strong cell membranes and hydrated skin, and it protects our mitochondria from damage.

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