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May 25

5 Ways To Slow Down Aging And Look Young All The Time

The process of aging is natural and it isn’t something you can stop from happening. As you age, your skin starts to lose its moistness and become m...

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Feb 12

5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep & Health

The wrong mattress - or the mattress that's simply too old - can be the cause of more than that crick in your neck or your low back pain. Here...

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Sep 25

5 Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

Are you too embarrassed of your stained yellow teeth?Or you are hesitant to reveal your teeth while smiling?Sparkling white teeth are every person’...

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Jul 9

5 Ways to Trick Your Kids Into Eating Vegetables

You’re kids don’t like vegetables?Really? Cuz mine are constantly begging for them.“Mommy, PLEASE can we have more of your kale and beet salad...

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Jan 30

5 Ways To Be a Happier Parent

  Like most moms, you have your ups and downs as a parent.   You have to learn to be a better, happier, and healthier parent.   It’s not alw...

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Oct 19

5 Ways to Dip your Toe into the Business of Photography

Photography isn’t a business you can just dip your toe into to see how it feels if you want to do it right.

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