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Oct 21

6 Ways To Make New Friends After College

These are our six favorite ways to step out of your comfort zone and meet your new BFF—and have fun doing it.

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Aug 16

Summer Activity Plan to Enjoy With the Kids

Here are some favorite activities to do in the summer to do this week, to get outside and enjoy the days when we can!

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Dec 20

10 Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

There are so many different cools tools you can use with playdough. Some of our favorites include pipe cleaners, straws, toothpicks, candles, and g...

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Dec 20

35+ Best Busy Bags for Toddlers & Preschool

I’ve collected over 35 fantastic busy bags, and I’ve divided them by category to help you search.  Here we go!

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Dec 19

24 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside With Kids

You can pull out storebought or make homemade playdough — either one is a great way to pass the time.

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Dec 19

10 Activities for Toddler Boys

This activity requires two simple things a big cardboard box and crayons. Stick your toddler in the box and voila he’s occupied creating mommy a ma...

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Dec 19

42 Easy Ideas Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Keeping your toddler busy when you are stuck at home can be a challenge. These indoor activities for toddlers are simple, easy, and quick...

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Dec 19

30 Activities for Kids with Lots of Energy

Gross motor activities for kids are so incredibly important in the development of their gross motor skills. From what I’ve read and heard from...

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Dec 19

5 Sit Beside Me Toddler Activities

Would you like to sit by me?  I have an activity for you! Magic words for my two year old daughter. 

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Dec 19

Indoor Family Activities - Just Add Masking Tape

Try the indoor family activities. 

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Dec 19

What To Do With a Big Box? – Make a Town

A recent delivery came in a big box! The was much excitement as the big kids and I surveyed the long, but shallow box and pondered what we could do...

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Oct 5

20 Best Ideas, Activities & Resources for Road Trips with Kids

With the right preparation, a road trip with kids can be rather less miserable than expected – maybe even fun. 

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Sep 14

Planning Your Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite season! Actually, I think it is a lot of people’s favorite season. I love it because it means the 100 degree temperatures of th...

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Oct 27

Halloween Activities

Get the kids into the Halloween spirit with these fun activities: a Halloween word search, crossword and sudoku puzzles (answer key included!).

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Oct 23

Monster Bowling

The set is made out of fleece fabric.  I sewed up the oversized monster shaped bowling pins, and then I had a blast decorating their little fa...

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Jul 12

I Spy Neighborhood Walk

The neighborhood walk was a huge hit! The kids keep asking when we can do it again. I would have never thought that something as simple as taking a...

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Nov 22

Footprint Turkey

Cute variation on the turkey handprint craft. Kids add a whole new level of enjoyment to the holidays.....find about these crafts .

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Sep 20

Toddler Boredom Busters!

Ways of keeping your children busy. Find more .  

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