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Nov 16

Purple Sweet Potato Pie Bar

Keep reading for the delicious sweet potato pie bar recipe.

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Jun 12

Candy Crunch Chocolate Bar

I covered mine with M&M’s, Malteasers (Whoppers) and Kit Kats but you could do whatever candy you like. Twix? Snickers? Honestly, it is so simp...

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Dec 21

Festive Fiesta! How to Style a Holiday Bar Cart

To give the bar cart more prominence in the space I added items with height that command visual attention, such as the trio of bottle brush metalli...

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Dec 17

5 Minute Peppermint Bark

Smooth chocolate combines with peppermint to make this classic holiday treat. Whether you want a dessert for a party or a gift for a friend, P...

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Dec 2

How to Make Soap at Home: A Recipe for Kitchen Coffee Spice Bar Soap

But those soaps you buy in the store just dry my hands out and I hate using “anti-bacterial” hand washes. So, I set out to find a homemade solution...

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Dec 2

Tea Tree Shampoo Bars

Tea tree essential oil is an antiseptic and is known to help treat scalp conditions such as dandruff and head lice. 

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Feb 23
Nov 22

Rudolph the Reindeer Candy Bar

They are quick, fun and affordable.....find how .

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Nov 15

Hot Chocolate Bar

One more idea for a hot chocolate bar. Find out .

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