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Dec 19

Bourbon Whiskey Vanilla Bean Cold Process Soap

First of all, I don’t make a lye solution with liquor. Usually when you make beer soap, you boil the beer to get rid of the alcohol and the carbona...

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Dec 3

DIY Coffee Bean Soap

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at soap making but found yourself a little put off by the thought of possibly losing an eye to lye, then thi...

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Jun 30

Bean Burritos

Stock your freezer with these healthy single-serving dinners (or hearty lunches).

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Nov 15

Spicy Beef and Bean Chili

This spicy chili is made with beef, beans, and tomatoes, along with chile peppers and seasonings. Find the recipe .

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Oct 19

Tortilla and Black Bean Pie

This is so good, and different from other tortilla pies because it does not have tomatoes in it.  

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