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Jun 22

Happy Hour Super Healthy Green Colada

 Light coconut milk, banana, pineapple chunk, spirulina powder, pure vanilla extrac. Combine all of the ingredients i...

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Jun 17

Matcha green tea coconut ice cream

The rich and creamy base comes from coconut milk and coconut cream, while the sweetness comes from the dates, honey and vanilla almond milk. And th...

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Jun 16

Coconut Pineapple Cups

Can you imagine having a fun barbeque or backyard bash & serving your guests these Coconut Pineapple Cups? How fun!

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Jun 16

How to Toast Coconut

 If you’d like the coconut to have a crisp texture, it is really simple to toast at home. Toasting the coconut will also bring out a richer, n...

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Dec 11

DIY Coconut Oil & Sugar Shave Scrub

Step One:  Find a jar, or container, or whatever you want to store this in.  Heck, you can even label it if you want.  Name it ”...

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Dec 9

77 Coconut Oil Uses & Cures

Coconut oil might just be the most versatile health food on the planet.

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Dec 4

Hot Coconut Buttered Rum (vegan)

Coconut oil takes its place.Just like with the butter in the classic recipe, the coconut oil coats the mouth for a silky smooth text...

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Dec 4

Vegan Gingerbread Infused Caramel

This is a new twist to an easy classical recipe and brings an extra Christmas flavor to it.

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Dec 2

Coconut Lime Soap

This soap is made with coconut milk and coconut-lime fragrance oil. With the added chopped coconut and lime zest exfoliant on the edge, these bars ...

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Dec 2

Lamington Cake

A delightful picnic cake fashioned after the iconic Australian Lamington Slice has layers of tangy butter cake squashed together with homemade...

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Dec 2

Lamington Biscuits

Dipped in the typical chocolate icing and coconut and sandwiched with jam and cream, you end up with super cute bite-sized biscuit versions of lami...

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Dec 2

Grapefruit Lavender Soap & Coconut Mint Soap

They’re the perfect treat for your skin, your nose, your peace of mind.

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Nov 3

Easy Raspberry Coconut Bark Fat Bombs

Tangy sweet raspberries meet creamy coconut bark for a delicious low carb fat bomb recipe. Healthy snacking is at hand!

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Oct 16

Spiced Beet Ginger Soup with Lime Coconut Cream

And, after eating a bowl of this soup, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before now. Pairing beets with ginger seems so obvious but unlike carr...

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Oct 12

Apple & Pear Skillet Dessert with Pecan Coconut Topping

This is the perfect autumn treat to serve to your guests, with a sweetness and tartness that is the perfect way to end any dinner party!

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Sep 21

Coconut Cowboy Coffee

Officially, a cowboy coffee is a method of making coffee, much like you'd imagine a cowboy out on the trail would make his cup of joe. Coffee groun...

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Sep 9

Raw Nectarine Lavender & Coconut Yogurt Cake

Think about a raw cheesecake that is even more creamy than usual, with a slight tang that you would find in traditional cake made with dairy. I kne...

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Dec 22

Peppermint Crunch Coconut Christmas Cake & Cake Truffles

Start off with three moist layers of coconut cake, filled and frosted with just a hint of peppermint extract and crushed peppermint candy sprinkled...

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Oct 26

Homemade Coconut Salt Foot Scrub

This also works great as a Shower Body Scrub too.  Just be sure to scrub the heck out of your bathtub afterwards so nobody slips and breaks a ...

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Sep 22

Coconut Pumpkin Soup

This homemade coconut pumpkin soup made from scratch is one of my favorite fall soups. Even though it takes a little more effort than using canned ...

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