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Dec 3

Dipped Caramel Pretzel Bites

They are so easy to make (especially if you have helpers and can make an assembly line) and oh. my. gosh. they are so delicious!

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Oct 15

Candy Corn Dipped Marshmallow Pop Treats

All you need to make these are orange and yellow Wilton candy melts (or white candy melts and orange/yellow candy coloring). Very important, you MU...

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Sep 24

Triple Dipped S'Mores Apples

First, simply twist off the stem. If your skewer is blunt, sharpen it using a utility knife to slice off one end at a diagonal angle. Then, working...

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Aug 27

Chocolate Dipped Coconut & Rum Popsicles

I made you some creamy coconut popsicles spiked with a little spiced rum and dipped in a crispy chocolate shell. The best thing about ice pops are ...

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