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Jan 13

3 DIY Projects Too Easy NOT to Make in 2017

Here are three surprisingly easy and effective projects we think you should try at home in 2017.

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Jan 13

Not the Same Old DIY: Fresh Takes on Craft Projects for 2017

If you aren't sure which direction your projects should take in 2017, start with what you already like, and tweak it from there.

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Nov 25

DIY Hall Of Fame: 13 Projects For The Weekend

The only problem might be deciding which of the 13 ahead you can fit in before Monday rolls around.

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Jul 25

Bring the Outdoors In: 10 Naturally Gorgeous DIY Projects

With a little DIY inspiration, garden blooms turn into wall hangings, a slice from a fallen tree becomes a side table, collected leaves transform i...

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Jul 18

Want a Cozy Home? These 25 DIY Projects will bring the Charm You Need

When you look around your home, if you get that sense of relaxation and calmness, then you’ve done well to cozy it up, but if you feel as if you’re...

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Jul 7

The Very Best Outdoor Bars & Dining DIY Projects for Small Spaces

 These DIY tables, bars, and carts fold flush to the wall, wheel inside, and make use of plain ole' efficient design—turning the dream of al f...

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Jun 24

DIY Coffee Table Projects

Here are some great tutorials for DIY coffee tables that add character and charm to your room, but don’t put a dent in your budget! 

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Jun 24

11 Creative Projects with Old Windows

If you are looking for creative charm in your DIY projects, then look to use an old window! There is something about windows with history that make...

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