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Dec 17

2 Glasses of this in The Morning & You Will Say Goodbye to Excess Belly Fat

Start your day in a fat-burning action! Consume 2 glasses of this drink in the morning and you will get rid of excess body fat once and f...

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Dec 17

Pomegranate Green Apple Sangria

In a large pitcher, stir all ingredients together until combined, adding in your desired amount of honey to sweeten the sangria.

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Dec 4

Instant Eggnog Mix

This recipe calls for buttermilk powder, which can usually be found in the baking aisle at grocery store.

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Nov 29

How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate Ever

Everyone knows the basic recipe for this classic beverage, but if you really want to turbo charge your hot chocolate game, I’ve got a few delic...

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Oct 26

Jack-o-Punch Halloween Drink

Ingredients: 3 Cups of Orange Sherbet 1 Litter of 7up 1 Can of Orange Soda Ice Directions: Add the ice to a large punch bowl,...

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Oct 19

Frozen Caramel Drink

Combine ingredients in a blender until the ice is crushed. Pour into cup; top with whipped cream and caramel syrup. This recipe makes two servings.

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