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Dec 18

Simple Soda Bread

This bread recipe is super easy..

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Dec 6

20+ Rudimentary Recipes Every 20-Something Should Know How to Make

Here are fundamental dishes that every home chef should know how to make.

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Oct 31

Shepherd’s Pie

Regardless of what you call it, a shepherd’s pie is basically a casserole with a layer of cooked meat and vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes, ...

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Oct 30

Dinner Recipes for Early Birds

If you’re the type who’s always up to greet the sunrise, early mornings are the perfect time to get dinner prep done. Here are some quick meals tha...

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Oct 27

15-Minute Healthy Dinner Recipes

These 10 recipes minimize cooking time and maximize health benefits,packed with veggies,protein and healthy fats,they’re all as balanced as they ar...

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Oct 9

The World's Easiest Cinnamon Rolls

Easy cinnamon rolls with just 7 ingredients and no complicated steps. Just proof, roll out and bake! Plus, they're vegan and SO delicious, fluffy a...

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Sep 29

21 Easy Skillet Dinner Recipes to Try

These recipes offer maximum flavor with minimal cleanup.

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Sep 27

65+ Easy Dinners That Can Be Made In 30 Minutes or Less

These delicious dinners are ready in a half-hour, from start to finish.

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Sep 18

Cucumber,Black Bean,Corn,Tomato and Avocado Salad

Everyone is going to thank you for making this refreshing salad. Crafted with basic ingredients, it's not only low in calories, but it's also a gre...

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Sep 17

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

This fudge recipe uses marshmallows as an easy cheat in place of more elaborate candy-making.

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Sep 15

How to Make Magical Blender Muffins

All you need is a blender, a pan, and a plan to make these ridiculously easy muffins.Breakfast just got a whole lot simpler.

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Sep 2

Spicy California Shrimp Stack

These easy shrimp stacks will satisfy your sushi craving, and they taste so good! Layered with cucumber,avocado, shrimp and brown rice, then topped...

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Sep 2

How To Make An All-Week Salad

You don't have any time to cook a nice meal to take with you at work?Just make a salad out of your leftovers from earlier in the week! Here's how!

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Sep 2

How To Make Easy Bibimbap

This cheater's take on the Korean dish bibimbap takes way less effort, and you can make it for a weekday lunch.

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Aug 30

A Back-to-School Survival Guide for Grownups

Here are the best easy recipes you can do for you and your kids now that the schools are starting!

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Aug 30

Easy Weeknight Meals

Supper is solved! With only one grocery trip and a bit of prep, your weeknights will now go a lot more smoothly.

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Aug 29

Easy & Delicious 5-Ingredient Dinners

These recipes have just five main ingredients, making school-night grocery shopping and cooking a bona fide snap.

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Jul 21

Simple cheese omelette

“This is a great quick meal at any time of the day. Eggs are a fantastic, affordable source of protein, helping our muscles to grow and repair and ...

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Jul 14

Cheesy Bread

Cheesy bread is a great way to help feed a lot of hungry people, and easy to pull together, even at the last minute.

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Jul 14

Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil

It’s perfect for a party because you can make a large batch of the topping ahead of time, as well as toasting baguette slices. Either bring ou...

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