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Dec 25

6 Crazy Eggnog Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love

There's more than one way to enjoy this traditional seasonal beverage.

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Dec 11

Eggnog Cups

In our update of traditional eggnog, pate brisee is draped over ovenproof teacups, baked, filled with chilled custard, then topped with whipped cream.

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Dec 11

Ice Cream Eggnog

Here's a festive eggnog for the holidays -- get to it quickly before the ice cream melts!

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Dec 11

9 Eggnog-Flavored Desserts You Need to Try This Holiday Season

If you adore this classic holiday drink you'll want to try eggnog-flavored cheesecake, panna cotta, French toast, bar cookies and much, much more.&...

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Nov 29

The Best Eggnog In The World

My eggnog recipe is pretty special. It could be that it’s actually flavourful and doesn’t just taste like sweet milk, but the holidays aren’t the h...

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Oct 26

30 Delicious New Ways to Enjoy Eggnog This Christmas

Because the season isn't complete without a taste of eggnog.

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Dec 4

Instant Eggnog Mix

This recipe calls for buttermilk powder, which can usually be found in the baking aisle at grocery store.

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Dec 15

Festive Eggnog Dip

This season, instead of throwing away the leftovers, treat your family to a flavorful Festive Eggnog Dip. Paired with fresh fruit and cubed pound c...

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Dec 19

Eggnog Cheesecake Bars

This recipe is a delicious twist on a seasonal classic..

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Dec 15

Healthy Holiday Eggnog

Eating healthy around the holidays is like window shopping at a bakery; it’s basically impossible. Instead of giving in to tasty but troublesome ...

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Dec 5

Elegant Eggnog Dessert

This impressive dessert will become so popular that you'll have to make it every year! Any flavor of Pirouette cookies can be used, and vanilla c...

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Dec 3

Eggnog Martini

Put down the punch bowl and check out this sophisticated Eggnog Martini recipe.

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Dec 2

Eggnog Cookies

Holiday cutout cookies should be thin, light and crisp, sturdy enough to decorate, yet tender rather than hard. And flavor? Eggnog is simply wo...

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Nov 29

Eggnog Pancakes with Butter Rum Syrup

All the taste of the traditional holiday beverage captured in a pancake. Yes, you can have eggnog for breakfast! Find the recipe

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Nov 12

Eggnog french toast

Ingredients 3-4 eggs A big splash of eggnog A splash of vanilla extract Pinch of salt

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Oct 4

Eggnog Cupcakes

Do you look forward to eggnog at holiday time? You'll love this cupcake that is eggnoggy from top to bottom and inside and out.  

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Oct 1

Eggnog Cheesecake

Feature a classic holiday beverages in a rich and creamy eggnog cheesecake that's ideal for the holidays.  But you can have it any time of year...

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Sep 29

Egg Nog

Welcome holiday guests with a cup of rich homemade egg nog laced with  both brandy and rum and garnished with whipped cream and nutmeg.  

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