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Nov 4

Orzo Salad with Grape Tomatoes, Feta, and Mint

The classic Greek flavors of feta cheese, fresh mint, and olives give a tangy personality to this delicious pasta salad.

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Oct 10

Shaved Broccoli Stalk Salad with Soft Feta & Golden Raisins

Crisp, fresh, and clinging to thoughts of the warmer early fall days, this salad makes use of the often-scrapped broccoli stalks, which soften just...

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Aug 13

Healthy Greens Box

Ingredients½ a small head of broccoli1 handful of spinach½ a small bunch of fresh mint80 g couscous1 lemon1 handful of mixed seeds1 good pinch of g...

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Aug 3

Feta Cheese Ball

The feta, cream cheese, oregano and garlic blend harmoniously to create an irresistible appetizer that will keep your guests congregated around the...

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Jul 21

Summer chickpea salad

Just as you're ready to serve, give the salad a final dress with the fresh mint and basil. Taste one last time for seasoning – you may want to add ...

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Jul 17

Baked Shrimp in Tomato Feta Sauce

This is a classic Greek dish called shrimp saganaki. It pairs shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese and is absolutely delicious in every rule-breaki...

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Nov 19

Greek Savory Pumpkin Pie with Feta Cheese-Kolokithopita

Pita means pie and can be sweet or savory, although they are usually savory....find out more .

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Oct 11

Savory cookies with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes

Ingredients: 1 cup chickpea flour 1 cup buckwheat flour 1 cup whole wheat flour

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