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Jul 25

A Wild Spring Floral Arrangement

This time of year, there are so many gorgeous florals to choose from – I plucked my favorites keeping in mind a mix of neutrals and soft pinks with...

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Jul 4

DIY Wedding Bouquet

Gather all of your materials, find a big space to work your DIY magic, and let’s get started!

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Jun 30

How to Grow Lavender

Once you plant lavender, you can enjoy its fragrance – and its flavour – long after summer is gone.

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Jun 16

How to make a floating flower wall

Here's how to create a DIY flower backdrop yourselves! Perfects for a fun, flirty corner or for the upcoming tea party!

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Jun 14

Best Drought Tolerant Garden Plants

Most areas of the country are seeing a big change in the way we plant a garden. Water is becoming more and more a precious commodity and most garde...

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Dec 22

Using Poinsettias as Cut Flowers

Our favorite holiday potted plant becomes much more versatile when we start thinking outside the foil-wrapped bucket.

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May 25

DIY Paper Magnolia Blossoms

Here's what you'll need:Crepe paper in white, light pink, and greenWhite wrapped floral wireSpray adhesiveWatercolorsLight green floral tapeBranche...

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May 25

DIY Daffodil wreath

Materials: mini grapevine wreath (got my 6" one from Michael's), crepe paper, wire, moss, glue gun.

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May 25

DIY Paper Flowers

 I cannot believe how real they look! Plus, they were so easy to make.Here’s what you’ll need:1. Paper2. Scissors3. Hot GlueAnd that’s it! &nb...

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Mar 8

Diy Spring Paper Flowers

A fun and simple way to bring some spring and color inside. 

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Aug 29

Easy Paper Punch Flowers

There are a million tutorials out there on how to create paper flowers.Welcome to tutorial #1,000,001.I promise to make it worth your while.By usin...

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Jul 24

How To Make Your Petunias Pretty Again

Around this time of year, my petuniasused to start to look a bit leggy. A few years back I discovered the secret to prolonging the l...

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Jul 20

DIY Floral Crown

Floral crowns are just the sweetest things. And this one is soo easy to make that it makes it all the more fun. 

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Jul 14

Floral Ice Cubes

Here's a cool new way to savor the beauty of flowers: Freeze them in ice cubes to brighten drinks. To suspend flowers in the cubes, work in la...

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