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Aug 16

Physical Activities for Toddlers with Lots of Energy

A list of physical activities for toddlers to move in big ways: jumping, walking, spinning, climbing, and all of that!

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Dec 20

10 Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

There are so many different cools tools you can use with playdough. Some of our favorites include pipe cleaners, straws, toothpicks, candles, and g...

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Dec 19

Castanets from Bottle Caps

I was amazed how long the kids spent with these cardboard monsters. 

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Dec 19

10 Activities for Toddler Boys

This activity requires two simple things a big cardboard box and crayons. Stick your toddler in the box and voila he’s occupied creating mommy a ma...

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Nov 1

25+ Fun Halloween Games For Kids

One of my favorite parts of Halloween parties when I was a kid were the games. Some were creepy, but most were just fun and everyone was a winner a...

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Oct 27

Halloween Activities

Get the kids into the Halloween spirit with these fun activities: a Halloween word search, crossword and sudoku puzzles (answer key included!).

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Oct 23

Monster Bowling

The set is made out of fleece fabric.  I sewed up the oversized monster shaped bowling pins, and then I had a blast decorating their little fa...

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Oct 19

Pumpkin Patch Pop

This Halloween twist on that classic balloon game includes small prizes for every kid, although you could easily turn this into a game where there ...

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Jul 12

I Spy Neighborhood Walk

The neighborhood walk was a huge hit! The kids keep asking when we can do it again. I would have never thought that something as simple as taking a...

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Jul 12

Post It Math Games

These math games are very simple to set up. You just need some post-its in different colors. I had four different colors I used which gave us a lot...

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Feb 27

Washi Tape Car Track

All you need is washi tape in different colors and a little imagination to make a car track for your little one.An effortless and cheap way to ...

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Feb 24

2013 Printable Oscar Ballots & Bingo Games

Whether you’re hosting an Academy Awards party or planning to lounge on the couch in your PJs, it’s fun to mark predictions on a ballot and try you...

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Feb 2

Super Bowl Bingo & Other Printables

      Who’s hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend!? You’ve got the chips, the dip, the beer… but what about a little somet...

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