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Nov 25

Dark Chocolate Golden Milk Macaroons

All of the flavor of turmeric golden milk infused in a coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate! A simple, 30-minute dessert with serious health b...

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Oct 28

5 Minute Turmeric Tea Recipe

Turmeric may not be the first thing you think about putting in tea, but with the right mixture of spices, it is a delicious soothing remedy.

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Oct 1

Golden Milk: The Antidepressant, Debloating, Weight-Loss-Boosting Wonder Drink

Ready to simmer down and give your body a boost before bedtime? We've got the perfect, healthy nightcap for you, and you may have heard of it: gold...

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Sep 2

Golden Milk Ice Cream

The base of this gorgeous,8-ingredient ice cream is full fat coconut milk for extra creamy texture.

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