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Mar 12

How to Get the Best Haircut and Color

Take these tips and use them when you’re booking your next salon visit—you’ll be guaranteed to leave the salon looking like a million.

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Mar 5

"Lived-In Hair" is the Hero We All Need

The tousled look is perfectly imperfect, so you don't need to fret over styling it to a T, and it will make you feel stylish and cool in a shirt an...

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Mar 5

This Is the Haircut That Will Take Over 2017

Make a appointment with your hairdresser, stat.

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Mar 3

These Are the Top 10 Trending Haircuts For Spring

Keep reading to learn more about the styles you'll be requesting when the leaves return to the trees.

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Feb 25

13 Peach-Emoji-Colored Hair Looks You Need to See

Started with Kylie Jenner at Coachella, now we're here.

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Feb 25

7 Easy Hair Ideas From the Fall Runways

Skip the low ponies, go straight to the good stuff.

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Feb 24

8 Healthy Hair Hacks You Need Right Now

Think spring training for your strands.

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Jan 24

Easiest Flat Iron Waves Ever

There are beveled-edged flat irons, and then there’s this. It’s really helpful in getting that bend. If you just give the iron a good twist, it wil...

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Jan 22

3 Cool Winter Hairstyles

The wintry skies may be drab and dull, but that doesn't mean your hair needs to be lackluster, too.

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Jan 22

10 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women With Thin Hair

With a trusty volumizing shampoo, texturizing spray, and a teasing comb, you can say goodbye to flat, fine hair from this moment forward.

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Jan 13

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Here are the best hair tips from the best!

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Dec 19

How To Style Your Hair With Zero Effort

With wet hair and a few strategically-placed pins, you can air dry your hair to perfect body while you're sleeping!

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Dec 19

5 Minute Hair!

Below you’ll see a couple of ideas for taking your hair from zero to hero in 5 min or less, without heat styling tools.

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Dec 19

The Triple Braid

Here's a nice holiday hair tutorial!

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Nov 26

Glow-in-the-Dark Hair Is Here to Light Up Your Night

This is a such a nice and original hair trend!

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Nov 24

These Low-Maintenance Hair Looks Are Easy On Your Wallet

See some of the chops and colors we’re ready to rock all winter long, so we can forgo trekking to our hair appointments in the snow — and cuddle up...

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Nov 15

Wedding Hair Inspiration

Endless inspiration for how to arrange your mane on the big day.

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Oct 30

8 Long Hairstyle Ideas

Brace yourself for these chic long hairstyle ideas that will make you look stunning – no matter what season or year it might be.

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Oct 25

17 Hairstyle Updates You Can Do in 60 Seconds

Here are some quick hairstyles that will allow you to hit snooze and get out of the house 60 times faster than that crew could redecorate it…

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Oct 21

5 New Ways to Wear Pastel Hair for 2016 Nowness

From pastel pink ombré to prismatic blends, it’s clear that unicorn manes and rainbow gradients are still playing muse to the masses.

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