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Jan 22

Luxurious Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa

Sometimes we just need a little hot cocoa to pass the long, cold days of January. This is the perfect, all-natural drink to warm you up on a cold day.

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Dec 13

Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Cakes

Just heat up the cake bits and chocolate sauce before assembling, and bring the marshmallow topping to room temperature. I know you guys will fall ...

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Dec 6

Adorable Snowman Hot Cocoa Gift

This project can be done in minutes and is super simple that even kids can get involved in the crafting!

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Dec 2

Hot Cocoa with Peppermint Marshmallow Cookies

This drink is comforting on a cold day or at the end of a long day. It’s so simple and while I’m sure there are plenty of other recipes out th...

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Nov 22

Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa

Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa is a delicious fall treat for kids or moms and dads to enjoy.  Sweet and decadent it will surely warm you all the way to...

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Dec 4

Hot Cocoa Mix In A Jar

Hot chocolate seems to be the staple for cold weather and the holiday season.  There’s something about a hot mug full of rich, chocolately goo...

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Dec 3

Homemade Hot Cocoa

Baby, it’s cold outside—so warm up with this gourmet twist on a Christmastime classic.

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Dec 3

Hot Cocoa Playdate

This party requires just a few basics: some white dishes, some black buttons, and the ingredients for a great cup of cocoa.

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