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Jan 15

9 Amazing Bathtub Activities for Your Kids You Need to See

There are dozens of items around your home that you can use in the tub for activities your kids will love.

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Jan 8

8 Snow Day Projects Guaranteed to Keep Kids Busy

 We’ve rounded up a list of snow day crafts and activities to keep them from going stir-crazy and keep you from losing your sanity.

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Aug 17

Learning Math Facts Without the Worksheets

But who wants to sit at a desk and do worksheets and time themselves?Let’s make learning math facts super fun, without any worksheets at all!

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Aug 17

Road Trip Bingo Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Here is a great road trip mingo scavenger hunt for kids that you can print!

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Aug 17

Kid’s Mailboxes & Writing Station

We went down to a local party store and found some cute cardboard mailboxes.We brought them home and painted them up!

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Aug 16

14 Learning Activities for Toddlers

These learning activities are more to introduce a concept to the toddler then to test his knowledge on it.

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Jul 5

Summer activities for kids in NYC

Catch the best summer activities for kids, including county fairs, festivals and more!

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