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Oct 11

Pumpkin Dioramas for Halloween

It seems that imaginative pumpkin dioramas are the biggest pumpkin carving trend for Halloween this year, and they're the perfect way for families ...

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Sep 29

Halloween Moon Diy

This Halloween moon is so simple to do - but very effective. Obviously you will have to cut out the bat shapes for younger children, but they can s...

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Sep 29

Pumpkin Noisemakers

What would a celebration be without the merry clatter of noisemakers? For a great party favor, kids can easily create these personalized pumpkin-fa...

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Sep 27

40+ Fun Fall Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Get them hooked on crafting with these fun seasonal projects.

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Sep 18

Cardboard Worlds

With these easy-to-build, fold-away cardboard structures, you can create a host of charming little playscapes. We set up a living room, classroom, ...

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Jul 7

How to Create Fancy Initials Using Crayons

This video features a really cool and original art project which you can create for your children using crayons.

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Jul 5

Summer Activities for Kids

Here are some ways to keep little ones entertained all summer long.

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Jul 1

DIY Fourth of July Pinwheels

For safer-than-sparklers favors, try these festive Fourth of July pinwheels. To save time, make them purely decorative — or, if you'd like yours to...

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Jun 27

How to Build a Sandcastle Like a Pro

There are some very effective ways to build sand structures that are strong and big! Follow the instructions and your kids will love you!

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Dec 9

How To Make a Bouncy Ball

Today I am going to show you how to make a bouncy ball in five minutes. I remember doing this during Science Class a million years ago an...

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Dec 9

Snowman Popsicle Stick Ornament

Christmas is such a fun time of the year for us. My family loves the music, the food, the parties, and of course the Christmas crafts. The kids and...

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Dec 6

Bottle Cap Snowmen

This cute ornament is a perfect way to use up old bottle caps you may have lying around the house. All you need to do is spray paint them white...

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Dec 4

13 Essentials for the Best Kids Table Ever

 For all intents and purposes, today, there most definitely should be a kids table. Here are 13 ideas to give those youngsters something to do...

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Nov 23

50 Best Elf Crafts to make and love

Christmas is a great time for extra special love, love is the magic of Christmas. If you are blessed with children, share with them that ...

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Nov 18

Thanksgiving Crafts and Games for Kids

If you are a teacher or just need some ideas to keep the kids busy while you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, these Thanksgiving Crafts and Ga...

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Nov 16

Top 10 cute gingerbread treats for Christmas

Creating a jolly Christmas atmosphere at home is an activity in which can participate every single member of your family, but making festive cookie...

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Nov 15

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees

The perfect craft project for kids this Christmas. Easy, fun and delicious! And even though I knew I would be cleaning ground up sprinkles out of t...

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Nov 15

Thanksgiving DIY Turkeys

How cute would these little fry boxes be at each kid’s place setting this Thanksgiving? 

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