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Dec 4

DIY Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub Recipe (Great Gift Idea!)

Here's a nice easy lip scrub that your friends will love to have as a gift!

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Sep 25

Lip Scrub That Tastes Like Cupcakes

While Sprinkles may be most notable for its unusual varieties,the scrub comes in a very classic flavor: red velvet.

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Jul 28

DIY: Easy Homemade Lip Scrub

This is great for chapped lips, especially during the winter when our lips are especially dry. The brown sugar will exfoliate, while the honey will...

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Jun 23

Get pink lips with this pomegranate lip scrub

 In order to get soft, pink lips, use a lip scrub made of pomegranate seeds.

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Jun 23

5 Homemade Lip Scrub Recipes

Have you ever lathered one of those pricey lip scrub products across your kisser and been impressed with how soft and supple your lips felt afterwa...

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Dec 13

Dr.Oz Sweet Almond Oil Lip Scrub & Chapped Lip Remedy

Dr Oz gave several simple, inexpensive Beauty Remedies on his show today that he said can help to take 10 years off of your face.  One of the a...

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Dec 2

Make your own Lip Scrub

Every now and again (especially when the weather gets chilly) It is prudent to exfoliate your lips. Chappy peely lips are not good look for fall....

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