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Jul 12

4 Easy Ways to Create a Backyard Garden

There are so many health benefits of gardening!This is perhaps one of the reasons that gardeners live longer!

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Jun 22

21 Refreshingly Beautiful Outdoor Showers I Bet You'd Love to Step Into

You think that outdoor showers are completely outdated? Check these out and maybe you'll change your minds!

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Jun 21

4 Tips for Dining Al Fresco

Summer is here and since the weather is so fine , we try to eat outside as much as possible! Here are 4 tips that will make your dinner al fresco e...

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Dec 19

Indoor Family Activities - Just Add Masking Tape

Try the indoor family activities. 

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Oct 25

Outdoor Skeleton Crew

Dressed in simple finery with top hats, silky bow ties, and red carnations, the eerie ensemble of skeletal squires makes guests wonder what kep...

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