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Mar 31

Get Active Outdoors

From swings and benches to hills and sand, the outdoors is an awesome stand-in for the gym. Learn how to use these elements to tone up (and get hap...

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Jul 25

Bring the Outdoors In: 10 Naturally Gorgeous DIY Projects

With a little DIY inspiration, garden blooms turn into wall hangings, a slice from a fallen tree becomes a side table, collected leaves transform i...

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Jul 14

This Outdoor Walking Routine Will Tone Your Butt

Take this butt toning workout step by step.

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Jul 7

The Very Best Outdoor Bars & Dining DIY Projects for Small Spaces

 These DIY tables, bars, and carts fold flush to the wall, wheel inside, and make use of plain ole' efficient design—turning the dream of al f...

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Jul 7

Ideas for Bringing Shade to Outdoor Spaces

Spending time in your backyard often means exposure — to the sun certainly, and often the curious gaze of your neighbors. Beat the heat and find so...

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