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Mar 19

14 Sexy Spring Scents You'll Want to Spritz ASAP

Why not welcome the flirtiest season of the year (hi, spring) by switching to an intoxicating new fragrance, like one of these?

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Feb 25

Floral Spring Fragrances Even the Floral-Averse Will Appreciate

From spray-on pheromones to an olfactory secret that only you and Jake Gyllenhaal share.

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Feb 6

8 Woodsy Fragrances For People Who Want to Feel Cozy All the Time

From the fragrance that will help you and your boo reignite the spark from your first weekend getaway to the foaming body wash that will help you s...

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Sep 25

13 Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Clean

Read on to find nine of our favorite so-fresh-and-so-clean-clean scents.

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Jul 18

Smell Like The Beach

Do you want this nice beachy smell all over you? Check out the list of these perfumes that we'll transfer you wheverver you'd like to be!

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