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Mar 3

Lemon Almond Pudding Cake

I’m here to tell you right now that lemon desserts can be indulgent.

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Feb 26

Paul Ainsworth’s spiced sticky date pudding

Warming spice, gooey Cornish fudge and a sweet dates – Paul Ainsworth's pudding recipe will become a new family favourite this winter.

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Jan 23

Winter Orange Surprise Pudding

The mixture of this comforting dessert recipe magically separates during baking, producing a light moist sponge on top and a tangy orange sauce und...

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Jan 22

Sussex pond pudding

This Sussex pond pudding is made with a crusty steamed suet pastry which encases a whole lemon, plus butter and sugar. 

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Jan 22

Healthier sticky toffee pudding

Try our slimmed-down sticky toffee pudding recipe, made with dates and maple syrup, that's lower in fat than the traditional version.

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Jan 22

Salted Chocolate Avocado Pudding Bowls

This is a small batch making just a few rich portions, so I recommend doubling it if you are serving 3 or more.

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Jan 8

Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

Lightly coat the inside of a 3 1/2- or 4-quart slow cooker with cooking spray; set aside.

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Jan 8

Nutty Pumpkin-Pie Pudding

This comforting fall dessert gets its incredible flavor from a liberal sprinkling (yes, 2 tablespoons) of pumpkin pie spice.

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Jan 8

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Mocha "Cream" Sauce

No one will guess you started with multigrain bread when you serve them a bowl of this coffee- and chocolate-flavored dessert.

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Dec 22

Mini Bourbon Bread Puddings

A simple bourbon glaze takes these individual bread puddings to new heights.

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Nov 16

Jamie's Mum's Gorgeous Chocolate Pudding

Noone will be able to resist to this delicious chocolate pudding!

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Sep 6

Ham and Swiss Bread Pudding

This hearty alternative to the classic dessert packs triple the protein and about one-third of your daily requirement for calcium in just one servi...

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Dec 19

Self-Saucing Chocolate & Almond Milk Pudding

It's the holiday season, and what kind of holidays would they be without the cakes, puddings, sweets...

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Dec 4

Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding from scratch. Whilst stirring the fruit, spices and liquor together, it’s very hard not to feel festive and uplifted…

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Oct 12

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

If you haven't tried pudding cookies yet, you are missing out!  The pudding makes the cookies so soft and delicious.  These cookies are t...

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Nov 22

Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Homemade Caramel

This is an amazing bread pudding recipe that is made with KING’S HAWAIIAN ® Sweet Dinner Rolls, homemade pumpkin puree and topped with homemade car...

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Nov 22

Pumpkin Pudding

A no crust pumpkin pie that is ready to go at a moments notice!

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Apr 6

Bourbon Banana Pudding

An adult version of the classic childhood favorite, this pudding from scratch is made with ripe banana, sweetened condensed milk, and a splash ...

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Dec 15

Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Pudding Cookies

When I think of holiday flavors, peppermint is the first thing that comes to mind… and what better than to pair it with Chocolate?! Chocolate and...

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Nov 22

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Everything is more beautiful when it is in a small edition, including this tiny Chocolate Christmas Pudding .Find the recipe .

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