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Dec 2

Halloween Rock Magnets

  Supplies: - smooth rocks - paint - paint markers - magnets - strong adhesive - clear coat, optional  

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Nov 15

DIY Rock Crafts

This is a great and smart rock craft... Find more .

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Nov 15

Rock Painted Frogs

A very good idea for a kids craft. Find how to do it .

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Nov 8

Beach Rock Souvenir Collage

What you'll need Rocks, all sizes, rinsed thoroughly E6000 industrial strength craft glue Crochet thread, like you would use for a doily ...

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Oct 25

Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

Kids love to paint rocks. If the weather is nice take this craft outside and enjoy the sun before it’s gone for the winter.  

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Sep 17

Rock Crafts

Found on the beaches of Suffolk, England, each pebble was chosen for its' color, smoothness, and uniformity. These particular pebbles feature ...

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