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Mar 6

The Only 4 Dumbbell Moves You Need For Defined Shoulders

Focus on the quality of your movement, and use control. Try for 10 repetitions of each move, and strive to complete the whole series 2-3 times a week.

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Jan 22

Hate Pushups? Try This Move Instead

Sexy shoulders, coming right up.

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Dec 16
Sep 25

Work Your Body from Your Shoulders to Your Core With This One Move

By adding this exercise into your routine, you'll work your shoulders, arms, upper back, and core at the same time. Get ready to rock some heavier ...

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Aug 23

Define and Strengthen Your Shoulders

This move works your shoulders and upper back like a boss, so it's perfect for strengthening and defining your upper bod. We hope you're luggin...

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Jul 2

30-Day Challenge To Sculpt Sexy Shoulders

When you think about sexy, strong arms, your mind probably goes straight to your biceps and triceps, right? Might we suggest shifting your focus to...

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Jun 17

Incredible Arms, Shoulders & Back: Workouts for Buff Brides

Going to the chapel? Here are the simplest, most fun ways to tone your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and upper back in time for your wedding.

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Jun 14

5 Gentle Yoga Poses To Relax Your Tight Shoulders

If you spend any time slouching at your desk or looking down at your phone, you'll want to give yourself the gift of this little yoga sequence. The...

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