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Dec 19

Soft, Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Kids love them, adults love them, they are simply loved by all. 

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Oct 23

Soft Silky Legs In A Bottle

Apparently you’re supposed to exfoliate each time your shave your legs. Who knew? Obviously not me. :-)But I do now! And although I ...

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Oct 10

Soft Pretzels With Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

So the awesome thing about these pretzels is that you can make the dough and form the pretzels well in advance of your party. The key is to fr...

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Aug 27

Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheesy Dip

These are the most amazing, soft, sweet .... yet salty, delicious, homemade pretzel bites. They are were soooo good!

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Jul 7

DIY Skin Smoother For Silky Soft Legs

Here’s a secret DIY recipe for getting super silky summer legs at home. Follow these easy steps to exfoliate and moisturize your legs at home!This ...

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