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Apr 2

Can Drinking Golden Lattes Help You Lose Weight?

These turmeric-infused beverages are everywhere right now.

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Mar 16

DIY Homemade Natural Teeth Whitener

Along with turmeric, this homemade natural teeth whitener includes baking soda and coconut oil. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate (do n...

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Feb 19

The Spice that Boosts Memory in Just One Hour

Add this to your lattes, dinners, and more for an added brain health advantage.

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Feb 15

Turmeric Is the Hottest Ingredient to Add Into Your DIY Skin Care Routine

Here's the superfood you should absolutely add into your skin car routine!

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Dec 16

Pumpkin-Turmeric Granola

Healthy and absolutely delicious, this recipe is a not-too-sweet granola to make for yourself but also to give as gifts to friends and family....

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Dec 6

7 Ways to Eat (& Drink!) Turmeric

Turmeric has long been a staple in Indian curries as well as in foods like mustard (it provides that golden yellow color!), but there are lots of o...

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Dec 6

10 Turmeric Benefits: Superior to Medications?

Turmeric, the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease.

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Oct 28

5 Minute Turmeric Tea Recipe

Turmeric may not be the first thing you think about putting in tea, but with the right mixture of spices, it is a delicious soothing remedy.

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Oct 1

Golden Milk: The Antidepressant, Debloating, Weight-Loss-Boosting Wonder Drink

Ready to simmer down and give your body a boost before bedtime? We've got the perfect, healthy nightcap for you, and you may have heard of it: gold...

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Sep 6

DIY Turmeric Face Mask to Treat Acne, Wrinkles, Scars and Dark Circles

Things you’ll need:Organic turmeric powder – 1 to 3 teaspoonsYogurt – 1 tablespoonRaw honey – 1 teaspoonExtra-virgin coconut oil – 1 teaspoonMeasur...

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Sep 6

DIY Homemade Natural Toothpaste to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Looking at the harmful ingredients used in commercial toothpastes, it is more convincing to make your own natural toothpaste at home.

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Aug 21

Seared Turmeric Chicken

Pick and finely chop the oregano leaves, then place in a bowl with the turmeric, a pinch each of sea salt and black pepper and 2 tablespoons of...

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Jul 21

The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant Smoothie

Turmeric’s health benefits are numerous. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, strong antioxidant, fights depression, natural heart healer, b...

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Dec 20

DIY All-Natural Antioxidant Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric also has a number of other benefits for the skin: it has been used in traditional medicine to lighten skin and eliminate dark spots and is...

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Dec 11

12 Healing Spices and 8 Flavor Combos

Spices add more than flavor. They can do things like sooth your belly, stimulate circulation, or even help regulate your blood sugar

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Nov 3

Why You Should Have Turmeric Every Day

As modern science is now showing, turmeric is an outstanding example of the concept that foods can powerfully support the body’s healing processes....

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