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Feb 25

24 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides, Guests, and More

Because 80 percent of your friends just got engaged, and sock buns give you the creeps.

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Dec 31

5 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

Here are five wedding hairstyles you can do yourself.

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Oct 16

16 Gorgeous Medium-Length Wedding Hairstyles

Get inspired by these mid-length wedding hairstyles that stood out from the rest.

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Oct 16

The Best Bridal Fashion Week Hairstyles

This season,we sourced stunning updos and down ideas to get you inspired and excited for your wedding hair.

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Oct 13

The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Round Faces

Searching for a wedding hairstyle that will complement your round face shape? We're here to help

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Sep 23

20 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Here are some celebrity hairstyles that could definitely work as bridal hairstyles!

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Jun 21

The Cool Girl Double Half Bun Tutorial

 A tad-messy and totally pretty, it’s the kind of ‘do that looks like it could’ve taken an hour, but this one only takes 5 minutes

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Jun 14

Old Hollywood Wedding Dresses

Do you want your wedding dress to be the very definition of Old Hollywood glamour?  Then, you are going to love these 16 divine wedding dresse...

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Dec 2

16 Super Charming Wedding Hairstyles for 2016

Is there anyone who is going to become a bride these days? Do you want to be informed of the latest wedding hair trends? Well, I should say that yo...

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