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Nov 27

Yoga Poses That Help You Heal Your Acne

Keep reading for the yoga poses you should practice to get rid of your acne, according to an Ayurvedic expert.

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Oct 4

9 Yoga Poses to Help You Nail a Yoga Handstand

Learning to stand on your hands is a lot like learning how to walk for the first time—it challenges your balance and works your muscles like nothin...

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Sep 21

4 Favorite Yoga Poses

4 perfect yoga poses that you can easily practice wherever you are!

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Sep 18

7 Yoga Poses That Burn The Most Calories

Looking to drop some pounds?Make sure these 7 yoga poses are a regular part of your practice.

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Sep 5

6 Relaxing Yoga Poses That Can Calm Your Racing Mind

When you're feeling overloaded, these releaxing yoga poses will center your mind and body, giving stress the boot.

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Aug 4

5 Yoga Poses That Better Your Balance

Whether you want to balance on your hands or your feet, these are the skills you can develop to feel stable and steady.

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Jul 26

Beach Yoga Poses

Try these five yoga moves to take full advantage of your time on the sand.

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Jul 5

Independence Pose: Yoga As Freedom

Here are four ways that yoga preserves our sovereignty and reminds us of the power in our potential.

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Jul 5

This Yoga Flow Is the Magic Hangover Cure You Need

Detox the totally natural way with twists and inversions that wring out your boozy body.

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Jun 25

8 Yoga Poses You've Never Heard Of

TIred of the same old stale yoga routine? Spice things up with one or more of these lesser-known asanas. We'll tell you what body parts to warm up ...

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