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Mar 31

Cardamom Yogurt Cheesecake With Caramelized Plums

With more calcium and less saturated fat than a typical cheesecake. 

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Mar 12

Eating Yogurt May Help You Curb Symptoms of Depression Naturally

A recent study suggests having yogurt can also help ease the symptoms of depression.

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Feb 12

Grilled Chicken Gyros With Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce

Soft pita bread, crisp and crunchy vegetables, and creamy yogurt sauce make this recovery-friendly sandwich impossible to resist.

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Jan 22

Super Thick Coconut Yogurt

This shortcut coconut yogurt is as simple and fresh as it gets!

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Jan 22

14 Ways to Bake with Yogurt

Here are the best recipes with yogurt!

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Jan 15
Jan 8

White Bean, Yogurt, and Feta Dip

Serve with Pita Chips and your favorite olives.

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Jan 8

This Savory Greek Yogurt Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast

In case you’re getting tired of overnight oats.

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Dec 18

Raspberry Yogurt Crunch Pots

The fruit, nuts and yogurt in this healthy breakfast recipe from Jo Pratt give you a boost of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals to take you bou...

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Sep 21

What You Should Be Eating If You Want to Lose Weight

As we age and our metabolisms slow, it's easy to pack on a few pounds without realizing it. But a new study has found that making consistent change...

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Sep 7

Beef hash cakes with chipotle yoghurt

This is such a nice , energy-boasting dish for breakfast! and it's easy to make!

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Jul 26

Eggplant with yogurt and tomato relish

This is not a recipe for eggplant caviar, but caught up in an adoration of July eggplants too lovely to roast just to grind up, it is loosely inspi...

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Jun 14

Roast salmon salad

Chunks of lemony fish scattered over a light salad of watercress, herbs, green beans and potatoes – all topped off with a dollop of garlicky yoghur...

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Sep 9

Raw Nectarine Lavender & Coconut Yogurt Cake

Think about a raw cheesecake that is even more creamy than usual, with a slight tang that you would find in traditional cake made with dairy. I kne...

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May 25

Blueberry Yogurt Pops

Frozen yogurt pops made with fresh berries don’t just taste great, they’re also easy to make at home.They’re perfect when you need a quick refreshi...

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Oct 8

Healthy Spiced Pumpkin, Yogurt & Granola Parfait Recipe

These healthy spiced pumpkin yogurt parfaits, layered with granola, take only 10 minutes to make. They make a great weekday breakfast!

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Sep 15

Honey-Caramelized Figs with Yogurt

Meet your go-to breakfast of the season. A light dusting of cinnamon adds just the right finish.

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Sep 11

Tomato, Olive & Chickpea Quesadillas with Dill Yogurt Dip

Quesadillas, literally queso tortillas in Spanish, originated in Mexico, along with so many other tasty things. Although my default quesadilla is s...

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Sep 11

Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Pancakes

Regular plain pancakes always seem, well, too plain. Pancakes filled with shredded apples? That’s my kind of pancake – not too plain! Not to forget...

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Sep 5

Blackberry Yogurt Pops

For a July 4–inspired pop, substitute 6 ounces of raspberries for half the blackberries to yield a red, white, and blue—well, indigo—treat.

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