Feb 24

The 2013 Oscar Nominees and Their Animal Look Alikes


Long Lost Twins...   Best Actress In a Supporting Role   Anne Hathaway = Ostrich     Amy Adams = Bengal Cat     Sally Field = Yorkie     Jackie Weaver = This fierce Rockhopper Penguin     Helen Hunt = Kangaroo     Best Actor In a Supporting Role Philip Seymour Hoffman = Fluffy Chicken     Christoph Waltz = Dog     Robert De Niro = Goat     Alan Arkin = Sphinx Cat     Tommy Lee Jones = Grumpy Cat       Best Actress in a Leading Role Jessica Chastain = Red Fox     Emmanuelle Riva = Turtle     Jennifer Lawrence = Golden Retriever     Quvenzhané Wallis = Squirrel     Naomi Watts is plain and looks like nothing.     Best Actor in a Leading Role Bradley Cooper = Sloth     Denzel Washington = Meerkat     Daniel Day Lewis = Preying Mantis     Joaquin Phoenix = Bear     Hugh Jackman = Deer

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