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Mar 5

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

These frozen treats are so simple to make?and so incredibly delicious?that they’ll make you rethink the store-bought pint.

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Feb 5
Dec 11

Ice Cream Eggnog

Here's a festive eggnog for the holidays -- get to it quickly before the ice cream melts!

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Nov 20

Epic Ice Cream Cake

This perfect dessert will impress everyone during holidays!

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Oct 20

Chocolate Cabbage Leaves with Vanilla Ice Cream

These elegant chocolate bowls turn plain vanilla ice cream into a show-stopping dessert. Clear out plenty of space in your refrigerator for all the...

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Oct 10

No-Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Enjoy this ice cream all on its own, or serve it up next to a slice of your favorite pie!

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Oct 7

Avocado Ice Cream

“Avocado is a fruit, and it gives this silky treat a wonderful colour and gorgeous texture, thanks to its fat content. Feel free to add nuts, choco...

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Sep 19

Apple Pie Sundaes

Easy, stove-top caramelized apples over cinnamon-sugar pecans and vanilla bean coconut ice cream! A naturally-sweetened, 30-minute dessert for fall!

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Sep 18

Easy Pumpkin-Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

Since when does dessert have to be serious? Ice cream sandwiches in fall flavors are great fun.

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Sep 18

150-Calorie Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

If cold and creamy ice cream calls to you after dinner, here's a sweet alternative that's lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol. As an added bonu...

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Sep 2

Golden Milk Ice Cream

The base of this gorgeous,8-ingredient ice cream is full fat coconut milk for extra creamy texture.

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Aug 11

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Combine milk, half-and-half and mint leaves in a medium sized, heavy sauce pan or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Heat until tiny bubbles form ar...

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Aug 11

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS2 cups 2% milk1 cup half-and-half1 vanilla bean¾ cups turbinado (raw) sugardash of salt2 large egg yolks1½ teaspoons real vanilla extract

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Jul 26

Genius, Creamy, Scoopable Frozen Yogurt with 3 Ingredients

Ingredients:1quart container (about 3 3/4 cups) full-fat plain yogurt (see note above about substituting for Greek)1cup sugar1/4teaspoon kosher salt

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Jul 25

Muffin-Tin Ice Cream Cakes

Making mini ice cream cakes in a muffin tin is all about layering. Start by lining the tins with plastic wrap to make removing the finished cakes a...

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Jul 24

Dairy Free Blueberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

The tartness of the blueberries + the smoothness of the vanilla bean + the sweetness of the honey/maple syrup all grounded by the lightness of the ...

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Jul 19

Elvis Ice Cream Snackwiches

Crackers in hand.Bacon in our ice cream.Melted chocolate all over the kitchen.And we have Elvis to thank.The man who made a peanut butter and banan...

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Jul 19

Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

Ice cream is fun, with or without bubble gum.But really, the more playful the better because life is short and days are long and we need treats.

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Jul 16

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

This tangy, honey-sweetened lemon blueberry frozen yogurt is a delightful summer treat. Use full fat yogurt for the best texture, and buy organic b...

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Jul 16

Chai Affogato (with Honey-Sweetened Coconut Milk Ice Cream)

Strong, spiced chai tea poured over rich, honey-sweetened ice cream makes a beautiful hot-and-cold dessert. The creamy homemade coconut milk ice cr...

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