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Feb 20
Feb 20

Your No-Sweat Guide to Aluminum-Free Deodorant

If you're ready to go the natural route, read on for our detox experiences and product reviews.

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Jan 28

Happy New Lashes

After a season of late nights, Vogue editor-at-large Fiona Golfar road-tests an eye-opening beauty resolution.

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Jan 27

Inspirational Celebrity Tips

Let the stars guide you with their best better-body tips!

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Jan 24

21 Best And Worst Foods For Cellulite

Read on to discover some of the very worst foods for cellulite that you need to take out of your shopping cart, stat!

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Jan 22

How To Get Rid of Cellulite

Say goodbye to cottage-cheese thighs for good with these proven tricks—plus hear about the promising new procedure.

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Jan 15
Dec 23

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Failing to clean makeup brushes regularly not only leads to buildup of makeup, but also buildup of bacteria, skin cells, and naturally occurri...

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Dec 22

5 Way Too Pretty Hand Creams That Deserve a Place in Your Bag

Stock up on these uber-fem (and ultra hydrating) miracle workers that will prevent and correct dried-out fingers and nails.

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Dec 16

How to Get Noticed on Your Winter Getaway

Here's why a vibrant lip color should be your number one Winter must have.

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Dec 16

7 Holiday-Scented Beauty Products That Smell Ahhhh-mazing

You’ll want to bathe in them...and with some products, you can.

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Dec 15

How To Get Whiter Teeth This Christmas

Wouldn’t it just make your Christmas if you could have a sparkling Hollywood smile just in time for the party season?

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Dec 13

Beauty Tips For Cold Weather

Scarves and gloves must become your best friends this season! Happy winter, and have fun!

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Dec 11

The 5 Lipsticks That Look Good On Everyone

Here are the lipstick shades you should offer as a Christmas gift!

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Dec 10

Wasabi Is The Secret To A Plumped Up Pout

Yes, there might actually be a benefit to your sushi addiction but we don't recommend you try it.

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Dec 7
Dec 7
Nov 25

9 Amazing Ways Rosewater Can Change Your Beauty Routine

The strong-smelling bloom is perfect in a perfume or body lotion, but a simple bottle of rosewater can do so much more.

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Nov 20

8 Essential Beauty Tips for Women Over 40

It's time for a routine that matches your maturity level!

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Nov 20

9 Moisturizer Mistakes You're Making

Read on and find out how to make the most of this important skin-care step.

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