Category 'Art Projects'

Mar 6

We Can't Stop Marveling at These Exquisite Soap Carvings

Artist Daniele Barresi has been practicing his craft since the age of seven.

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Jan 29

10 Works of Art That Make Us Smile

Blank walls are sad; walls with art are happier. Hang one of these prints in your kitchen and you'll be sure to get a smile on your face every time...

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Jan 15

Easy DIY Abstract Canvas Art

Create your own Rothko-esque artwork at home with this simple eight-step project that uses a screen to print bands of color across canvas.

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Jan 8

Want to Invest in Art? 8 Simple Tips for Budding Collectors

When you're first starting out as an art collector, the undertaking can be a little bit daunting. These pro tips give you everything you need to ma...

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Nov 25

9 Art Displaying Mistakes Everyone Makes at Least Once And How to Never Make Them Again

These are some of the most common art displaying mistakes that can be avoided.

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Nov 10

12 Easy DIY Tips and Tricks for Hanging Pictures, Frames & Artwork

Here are 12 easy ways to make the un-fun process of hanging artwork a little bit more tolerable.

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Oct 20

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Dahlia-like pom-poms appear to float in the air, imparting a cheerful radiance to a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or casual reception.

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Oct 20

Monogram Clip Art

In just two steps (download and print) you can have beautiful calligraphed or monogrammed clip art to adorn gifts, favors, decorations, and more.

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Sep 8

Art Attack: 12 Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Rather than picking up a pencil or paintbrush, most of these ideas involve the art of display – whether that’s framing old photographs and postcard...

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Jul 18

Just Keep Swimming

No matter how small we might feel in this big, confusing world, we must keep learning, taking action, listening, uniting, swimming . . .

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Jun 30

Stunning Fashion Floral Illustrations!

Check out these beautiful fashion illustrations by Grace Ciao! She's unbelievable!

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Jun 24


Do you need some inspiration for decorating the walls of your house? Follow this diy idea and reveal the artist taht you keep inside! 

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