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Mar 31

10 Fattening Frozen Treats

Give these calorie-packed confections the cold shoulder this summer.

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Nov 16

Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake

Your guests will be impressed for sure bu this special frozen cheesecake!

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Oct 7

Avocado Ice Cream

“Avocado is a fruit, and it gives this silky treat a wonderful colour and gorgeous texture, thanks to its fat content. Feel free to add nuts, choco...

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Oct 6

3 Frozen Desserts For An Energy Boost

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these three filling high-fat, low-sugar frozen desserts.

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Sep 20

11 Delicious And Healthy Smoothie Recipes

 Whether you're looking for something fruity or something green, there's a frozen treat for you.

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Sep 12

12 Foods That Taste Even Better Frozen

Here are some foods that you'd better eat frozen! They'll taste even better...

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Aug 30

32 Frozen Treats That Are Anything But Ordinary

Sandwiching a genius sorbet between salty, olive-oily slabs of focaccia, packing our ice cream full of chunks, and infusing the custard bases w...

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Jul 25

Frozen Summer Cocktails

Here are 7 perfect frozen cocktails to make this summer!

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Jul 16

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

This tangy, honey-sweetened lemon blueberry frozen yogurt is a delightful summer treat. Use full fat yogurt for the best texture, and buy organic b...

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Jun 23

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Summer Fruits and Italian Meringues

Summer is here and so hot.. and i think that a nice frozen yogurt ice cream will help the situation. Even better if it has the flavour of strawberr...

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Jun 16

No-Churn Mudslide Ice Cream and Affogato

What’s an Affogato? Typically it’s a scoop or two of gelato or ice cream, topped with a shot of hot espresso. You can fudge a little bit and use st...

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Jun 16

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

This ice-cream has really only one ingredient: bananas. Processed frozen bananas have an uncanny similarity to ice cream. All you have to do is cut...

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Jun 15

13 Unique Popsicle Recipes You Can DIY This Weekend

Sweet, salty, floral, fruity, boozy—there’s an endless array of ways to create your own popsicles this summer. Here are 13 of the best recipes...

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Sep 18

Berry Yogurt Popsicles

Frozen yogurt popsicles made with fresh berries don't just taste great, they are good for you too! Fresh berries are some of the most powerful dise...

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Sep 7

45 Second Summer Berries Ice Cream

Looks very berry good. A healthy, quick and easy recipe.

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