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Mar 6

6 Tips for Nailing Your Next Family Photo

Taking a professional family pic should be as simple as gathering your loved ones and saying cheese, but as you probably know, there's wa...

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Jan 15

7 Tricks for Taking Better Pictures of Your Dog

Your puppy is destined for Instagram stardom.

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Jan 8

50 of the Most Stunning Wedding Photos of 2016

Get ready to be swept off your feet.

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Dec 11

7 Tips for Dreamy Winter Engagement Photos

Here are seven ideas to make the most of your seasonal photographs—as long as you can withstand the cold long enough to say "cheese!"

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Nov 6

Create Moody Photography with Cocktails

Here are some great photo tips for your cocktails!

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Oct 23

18 Breathtaking Photos Of Ballet Dancers

A new book from NYC Dance Projects captures the stunning athleticism of ballet.

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Oct 21

Photogenic Selfie Secrets

Here is comprehensive guide on how to become more photogenic when the mood to selfie takes over.

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Oct 2

The 7 Best Spots For Taking A Photo In Paris

Bridges, views, panoramas and gardens: grab your camera and get ready to snap the most romantic photo ever!

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Sep 17

The 7 Best Places To Be Photographed In NYC

Get ready to take notes, and have a look at our guide of the best 7 photo spots in town, to take good memories home with you.

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Sep 2

9 Stylish DIYs to Turn Your Instas Into Art

Transform your living space with eye-catching crafts made from your favorite photos.

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Aug 25

Stunning Engagement Photos In Iceland

This past May, the newly engaged couple, along with a team of photographers and cinematographers, took a five-day trip through the photogenic d...

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Aug 21

Flood Of Colour!

Floods bring a mosaic of color to the rice fields of Y Ty, Vietnam. The wet season typically lasts from May to June in the mountainous village.

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Aug 21

Night Sky Above Lake Ontario

Flashes of lightning illuminate the night sky above Lake Ontario, as seen from an overlook in Lyndonville, New York—located about an hour from ...

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Aug 15

A Walk on the Wild Side

Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve. China has been creating re...

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Aug 13

The Girl And The Surf

Here are some great unforgettable surfing moments!

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Aug 13

Red Lips, White Sunglasses!

It's one of those iconic fashion images that perfectly sum up the aesthetic, glamour and feminine mood of the time and chimes so well with the fast...

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Aug 11

Best Celebrity Bikini Photos

Summer is synonymous with new swimwear to splurge on, and this is especially true for celebrities, who as we know won’t waste any time when it come...

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Aug 7

A Walk in the Park

Photographer Graham De Lacy captured this shot of an African elephant taking a sunny-day stroll in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve

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Jul 26

Li River in China

The Li River in China offers a grand view of towering karst peaks—and a cool place to rest for a local farmer’s water buffalo. The animals' wide-sp...

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Jul 26

Rainbow in Utah’s Zion National Park

Waiting for a storm to pass in Utah’s Zion National Park paid off for Your Shot member RJ Hooper, who submitted this image of a rainbow stretched a...

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