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Nov 10

22 Hiking And Camping Gifts For The Weekend Explorer

Outdoorsy presents for outdoorsy people.

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Aug 31

Backyard DIY Lighting Ideas

If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space, maximize it with lighting that lets your summer gatherings continue late into the night. Simple

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Aug 29

A Modern DIY Fire Pit

With a small budget and a lot of will power, you can turn your crumbling fire pit into a super modern lakeside hangout spot.

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Jul 25

Clever & Cool Backyard Hacks To Tackle This Summer

If you're looking for clever ways to update your backyard or patio, without dipping into your ice cream budget, these projects are right in line wi...

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Jul 25

Smart & Sneaky Outdoor Storage Solutions

Small outdoor spaces suffer the same fate as indoor rooms— where to put all the clutter? Outdoor furniture cushions, lamps, and pillows all need a ...

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Jul 21

How to Plan a Picnic

When the occasion for a picnic is a bit special -- a concert on the grass, Shakespeare under the stars, fireworks in the park -- it seems only fitt...

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Jul 18

5 Elegant Sunbathing Loungers You Can DIY

Whether you’re planning a get-together and want something to make your guests comfortable, or you just want a bit of outdoor relaxation, there is a...

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Jul 7

The Very Best Outdoor Bars & Dining DIY Projects for Small Spaces

 These DIY tables, bars, and carts fold flush to the wall, wheel inside, and make use of plain ole' efficient design—turning the dream of al f...

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Jul 7

Ideas for Bringing Shade to Outdoor Spaces

Spending time in your backyard often means exposure — to the sun certainly, and often the curious gaze of your neighbors. Beat the heat and find so...

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Jun 24

DIY Outdoor Storage Benches

We always need more space, even when it comes to our backyard! An outdoor sorage bench is a great idea, to put in everything from pillows to toys! ...

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Jun 24

Make Your Garden Lush!

Want a lush garden? Join the club, who doesn’t! You can have a lush feel to your garden space, if you follow a few guidelines, show a little bit of...

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Jun 24

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

Architectural plants, or structural plants are a great way to add one, or more focal points to your yard or garden. Here are some quick tips on usi...

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Jun 24

13 Projects for Backyard Relaxation

Our backyards are used for BBQ’s and family gatherings, playgrounds and football games. Don’t forget to use your yard for some good ‘ol wind d...

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Jun 24

5 Fabulous Planters to Suit every Style

Check out these fabulous plant combinations to dress up your garden for summer.

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Jun 23

Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

Here are some gardening projects that will work on even the smallest patio or tips for growing citrus indoors if you don't have a ba...

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Jun 22

21 Refreshingly Beautiful Outdoor Showers I Bet You'd Love to Step Into

You think that outdoor showers are completely outdated? Check these out and maybe you'll change your minds!

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Jun 21

4 Tips for Dining Al Fresco

Summer is here and since the weather is so fine , we try to eat outside as much as possible! Here are 4 tips that will make your dinner al fresco e...

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Dec 9

DIY Paper Flower Wreath

These flowers are actually a lot easier than you would think - once you get the hang of it.  The roses are the most complicated, but even thos...

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