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Mar 26

Pop Rocks Cosmopolitan

Our favorite April Fool's Day pranks are as sweet as they are surprising. To wit: a cocktail rimmed with not sugar, but explosive Pop Rocks candy.

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Mar 18

15 Delightful Cocktails For Your Easter Celebration

These are the most delicious, grown-up treats for your Easter celebrations!

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Mar 6

12 Party-Ready St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Whether you're looking for a classic Irish cocktail or just something that's green and festive, we've got you covered with a dozen crowd-pleasing S...

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Mar 5

5 Whiskey Cocktails To Put You in the St. Paddy’s Spirit

And they’re so much better than a pint of green beer.

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Feb 18

Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail

One of the things that makes a French 75 work so well is the interplay of tart citrus with the gin, champagne, and simple syrup.

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Feb 6

3 Ingredient Espresso Martinis

A splash of Kahlua or coffee liqueur. This is where you will get a leeeeeettle bit of sweetness, without adding a ton of sugar or syrup.

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Feb 5

Key Lime Beergaritas.

This cocktail is different and refreshing!

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Feb 5

The Cocktail Everyone Was Obsessed With The Year You Were Born

Everyone's got a favorite sip, but which one was all the rage when you entered the world?

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Jan 29

Coconut White Russian (Vegan)

Easy to make, the cocktail quickly became a popular. Over time, it evolved into the present day drink of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream – or in o...

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Jan 23

Blood Orange Tequila Fizz

Fill a chilled glass witH crushed ice. Add a blood orange slice.In a shaker, combine the blood orange juice, tequila, lime juice and lime syrup. Sh...

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Jan 22

Homemade Vegan Caesar Cocktail

Is this a vegan version of a Caesar cocktail or is it an adapted version of the Bloody Mary?

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Jan 15

Raspberry Mojito Punch

Raspberries make this punch interesting!

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Jan 8

Cranberry-Ginger Shandy

This beer cocktail is just the thing for a Golden Globes viewing party. The cranberry syrup can be made up to three days ahead and stored, covered,...

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Jan 1

The Best Bar Tools

These are the best—and most beautiful—accessories around.

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Dec 31

5 Things Nutritionists Do Before Drinking

Find out what a nutritionist does before drinking—and take notes.

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Dec 25

Creative Cocktail Ideas for Your New Year's Eve Party

For New Year’s Eve I recommend having few options for your guests—Champagne, or other bubbly wine is of course a must-have, and then two or three s...

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Dec 25

7 Cocktails that Pair with Classic Christmas Movies

Is your favorite holiday movie is a classic like A Christmas Story or Elf? We have festive cocktails to match the most popular Christmas movies.

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Dec 23

Classic Wet Martini

Here's one for all the martini lovers!

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Dec 22

Cranberry Mule

The classic Moscow Mule cocktail becomes holiday party-ready with the addition of homemade cranberry simple syrup.

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Dec 22

Moscow Mule

To make crushed ice, pulse ice cubes in a food processor. The traditional copper mug helps to insulate the drink and keep it cool so that the ice d...

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