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Jan 30

5 Moves That Un-Hunch Your Neck From All That Time Spent Looking Down At Your Phone

Here are 5 favorite moves for counteracting the effects of "tech neck."

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Jan 22

The Best New Health and Fitness Tech Out There

Here are the best fitness gadgets out there!

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Dec 19

7 Things Never to Post to Social Media During Christmas

 Here, seven things to avoid posting this Christmas.

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Dec 4
Nov 30

The 11 Coolest Gadgets to Give This Christmas

Useful technology is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why these 11 gadgets are sure to surprise and delight every single person on your holi...

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Nov 27

12 Can’t-Miss Cyber Monday Deals

Here, 12 amazing deals to be on the lookout for on Cyber Monday.

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Nov 16

Is WiFi Safe? Simple Steps to Reduce The Negative Effects

It is important to reduce wifi use as much as possible, especially until we know more about the long-term effects of WiFi. 

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Nov 15

Holiday Tech Gift Guide For Women

Chic gadgets that every woman on-the-go can appreciate.

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Oct 16

The New High-Tech Kitchen Appliances We Loved This Year

Here are the smartest new products to help upgrade your kitchen.

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Sep 13

The 17 Cutest Headphones Ever

We rounded up the 17 cutest pairs of headphones out there now—from moderate to luxe, in every color of the rainbow—to help you not only survive you...

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Sep 3

10 Apps To Keep Fit Without Going To The Gym

One of the best ways to still stay in shape is to get a good app, lock the door and stay home — but the park is also a good location for this! Here...

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Sep 3

7 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Declutter

Using smart apps and even basic smartphone functions, you can keep your place tidy, nice and fast!

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Sep 2

7 Futuristic Gadgets That'll Make Your Home Much Cooler

These crowd-funded projects from Kickstarter are bringing the brightest home tech ideas to life.

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Sep 2

The Hottest Home Innovations for 2017

No, you're not imagining things,your gadgets are really talking back to you.

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Dec 18

Money Making Stay At Home Moms: 24 How To Make Money On YouTube

Brooke Creech began realizing that the videos she uploaded to YouTube were making her a pretty steady stream of income .She explains and gives insp...

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Dec 2

How to Send a Fax From Your Smartphone

While email has certainly destroyed the fax machine, most of us still need to send one, maybe two faxes a year to weird, outdated institutions. Tha...

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Oct 26

7 Best To-Do List Apps

Whether we're running errands, managing several work projects at once, planning a family reunion or shopping for all the ingredients in that green ...

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