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Mar 31

5 Quick-and-Easy Family-Dinner Meal Plans

New study shows family dinners can improve parent-child relationships; these recipes help you get dinner on the table in a flash.

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Mar 31

5 Foods for a Healthier, Hotter You

These omega-3-rich foods will change your body for the better while keeping your brain in tip-top shape.

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Jan 15

Make-Ahead Game-Day Recipes

Game-changer: These recipes worthy of the Big Game can all be made ahead of time, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the action! We've got yo...

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Dec 19

What Your Food Craving Is Really Saying

Whatever your food fantasy involves, chances are you’re far from alone!

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Dec 11

10 Foods You Need to Eat For Good Luck in the New Year

Start eating these on December 31st for good luck and fortune in the year to come!

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Nov 4

Quick and Easy Party Foods

Who says it takes all week to plan and prep for a party? With a few easy appetizer recipes in your pocket, you can invite guests over tonig...

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Nov 4

Fall Party Food: Cute Serving Ideas

Planning your party menu is only half the fun -- we like everything we serve to look pretty, too! With our creative serving ideas for fall ...

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Sep 19

8 Food Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Fall

It’s time for something new. From raw fish bowls to ugly fruit, here are the trends you’re about to see at grocery stores and restaurants all over ...

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Sep 1

Your Biggest School Lunch Problems Solved

Earn an A+ in getting your kids to eat healthier.

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Aug 4

These Restaurant Dishes Have More Calories Than You Need in an Entire Day

If you're going out for a #cheatday meal, you probably aren't expecting to get a plate full of delicious, indulgent food for 100 cals. But a meal t...

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Aug 2

Taste Test: NYC Summer Food

Here are the best foods for summer that you can find in NYC!

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Jul 18

6 Trending Foods of 2016

Here are 6 trending dishes of 2016 and where to find them.

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Jul 1

How to Pack Groceries for a Long Weekend Away

While there's no science to packing for a weekend away, there's certainly strategy. Here are some tips!

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Jul 1

The Croissant-Doughnut Ice Cream Cone

With puffle cones, cronuts, doughnut ice cream sandwiches, birthday cake croissants, and even bedazzled churro sundaes — what more could we be miss...

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Jun 28

The 46 best frozen foods in America!

Whether you’re serious about nutrition or just cruising the frozen food scene looking for Mr. Hot Pockets, we’ve got the lowdown on the best option...

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Jun 27

5 Italian Cheeses You Need To Taste!

Italian Cheese lovers! Here you are! 5 italian cheeses that you should absolutely taste! 

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Jun 24

Wedding Food": Creative Ideas for Foodies

If you and your significant other share a fond appreciation for all things food, why not let the culinary arts inspire your wedding day? From trend...

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Jun 22

Spaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl and Lime Peanut Sauce Recipe

This is a healthy and delisious recipe for spaghetti squash lovers! The lime peanut sauce makes it even better!

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Jun 21

Chocolate Chip Roll-out Letter Cookies

hese cookies are great for spelling out messages, edible word games (winner eats all!) and even decorating cakes or cupcakes. The possibilitie...

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Jun 21

Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes with Apricot and Fig Compote

Breakfast hotcakes so good, you won’t miss the maple syrup...

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