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Mar 16

DIY Aloe Vera Juice & Smoothie

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plus, it is excellent for the digestive system. In fact, it he...

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Mar 16

Why You Must Drink This Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice

So, put your blender or juicer to good use and try preparing this refreshing and healthy juice at home.

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Mar 14

DIY Healthy Juices and Smoothies for Lowering Cholesterol

Below are a few recipes including nutritious ingredients that will help lower the bad cholesterol level in your body.

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Mar 5

Grapefruit Mint Chia Refresher

Here is the perfect refresher for you!

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Feb 26

Mango, pineapple, ginger and lime juice

A quick and easy exotic fruit juice that gives a warming kick, thanks to the ginger.

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Feb 26

Spicy Tomato And Celery Juice

Try this alcohol-free Bloody Mary recipe, a perfect accompaniment to your summer breakfast.

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Jan 22

Happy Digestion Smoothie

This green smoothie is packed with digestion-enhancing and immune-boosting foods like pineapple, parsley, ginger, and avocado.

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Dec 23

Simple Homemade Vegetable Juice (Better than V8!)

Virtually any peels, cores, or roots from any vegetable will work. 

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Dec 4

Kombucha Benefits

One cannot help but be intrigued by the drink’s magical rep—even if its benefits lack significant scientific evidence.

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Nov 20

10 Smoothie Add-Ins That Fight Chronic Inflammation

Here are 10 tasty additions that will elevate your blended drink to disease-fighting status.

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Oct 16

5 Simple Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes You Need To Try This Fall

Here,we bring you 5 dinners that are seriously satisfying and healthy!

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Oct 6

Selena Gomez's Morning Ginger Habit

Ginger is known for its strong medicinal properties, reputedly fighting inflammation and boosting your immunity.

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Oct 2

11 Superfood Smoothies Under 300 Calories

These creative concoctions from natural foods chef Julie Morris are worth breaking out the blender for.

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Aug 10

Energy Enhancer Juice

Looking for a juice to boost your energy and kick your day off strong?Try giving this energy enhancing juice a go.The cabbage is high in antioxidan...

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Aug 10

Delicious Green Juice

If you’re looking for a green juice that’s not too earthy, look no further! This concoction is incredibly refreshing thanks to the apple, grapefrui...

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Jul 21

The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant Smoothie

Turmeric’s health benefits are numerous. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, strong antioxidant, fights depression, natural heart healer, b...

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Jul 19

Super Powered Orange Juice

This 6-ingredient, 10-minute (juicer-free!) juice is based with carrots and naturally sweetened with orange, nectarine, and apple. Lemon ...

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Jul 11

6 Drinks That Will Shrink Your Belly

Here are six ways to quench your thirst without packing on pounds.

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Jul 11

10 Smoothies With More Protein Than Two Eggs

 Each of the following 10 delicious smoothies contains more protein than two eggs, without relying on protein powder.

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Jul 10

The Smoothie Cure For High Blood Pressure

A good blender and a little know-how are all you need to beet blood pressure.

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